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Today we’re going to go deep and talk about something that affects even the most successful people – Imposter Syndrome! This quote from Maya Angelou pretty much sums it up, “I’ve written 11 books and even now I think they’re going to find me out.”

You see no matter what stage of the game you’re in, imposter syndrome is a real thing. It’s likely never going to go away but there are things that can help dissipate it so that it doesn’t stand in your way of moving forward.

Eman Zabi is a copywriter and joins me today for an open and honest conversation about her experiences with imposter syndrome and the steps she’s taken to move through the feelings. We talk about how as she has moved more into being true to herself and growing in her self-worth the imposter feelings are lessening.

She actually credits imposter syndrome for her success so far. If you’ve ever felt like a fraud or been worried that someone was going to “find you out”, this episode is for you!

More About Eman Zabi

Eman Zabi is the copywriter and brand strategist behind The Scribesmith, where she crafts high-converting copy infused with personality and entertainment for brands that aren’t afraid to stand out.

You can connect with Eman via her website, Facebook and Instagram.

In This Episode We Talk About…

  • Who Eman is and her business – The Scribesmith, copywriting business
  • How Eman felt like she wasn’t offering anything unique, just a voice in the crowd
  • What we mean when we talk about Imposter Syndrome – feeling like a con artist and that you’re going to get “found out”
  • What Lori has started to do to help the Imposter Syndrome dissipate – put it out there that she operates under the assumption that she doesn’t know anything
  • The first time Eman felt like a fraud – when people wanted to pay her for her copywriting services
  • A reminder that no matter what stage of the game you’re in Imposter Syndrome is a thing
  • How imposter syndrome was blocking Eman from charging what her work was worth
  • The steps Eman took to minimize imposter syndrome
  • Why imposter syndrome is like climbing a mountain ~ and Eman knows because she climbed a real one!
  • Why it’s exhausting to always live in the “growth phase” and why it’s ok to rest
  • Why collecting testimonials can really help
  • FUN FACT: What this podcast was going to be called before its current name
  • How Eman integrates her values of social responsibility and meaning to her work, which helps with imposter syndrome and just in general helps her feel better about what she does
  • How finding her purpose and WHY helped her move through imposter syndrome
  • How she has learned that putting herself out there attracts the people that she wants to work with and repels the people she doesn’t want to support
  • Why finding a community and mastermind has been very helpful for her
  • How her business has changed and grown since she started working through imposter syndrome

Listen to Episode 94 below:

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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Let’s Keep The Conversation Going… 

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