EPISODE 27 | The Future of Online Health and Wellness

Mar 22, 2018 | 0 comments


This was a fun episode for me because my guest this week Yuri Elkaim has been a guiding light for me professionally for many years and he did not disappoint with the value he provides in this interview and how open and candid he is about his own business and experiences. If you are a health and wellness professional looking to build an online health business or are already working in that space, this is a MUST listen!

Yuri was a perfect fit for this discussion because like me, he’s been in the online game for more than a decade. He’s seen the evolution from selling to information to now where we’re at which is selling transformation. There were so many moments when I was nodding my head right along with the truth that Yuri was sharing.

We cover everything from the dangers of the comparison game that social media can present, how to use live video to connect with your community like never before, the transformation that the health and wellness industry has undergone over the last 10 years and why there has never been a better time to be a health and wellness professional in the online space.

Yuri walks you through the exact business model you should be following for success online these days and even gives you the language to use to overcome the #1 objection most health and wellness professionals hear when inviting potential clients into transformation. This episode is GOLD and you’re going to want to grab a pen and take some notes.


More About Yuri:

Yuri Elkaim is a former pro athlete, leading health expert, New York Times bestselling author, and the founder of Healthpreneur® where he helps health entrepreneurs, coaches, and practitioners turn their expertise into high 6- and 7-figures online businesses with less stress.

Connect with Yuri through his website and on social media via Facebook or YouTube.

Listen to Episode 27 below:

Things We Talk About In This Episode:

  • Why you need to stay in your own lane
  • The truth about the “fluff” and smoke and mirrors you can sometimes see online
  • What the online health and wellness industry was like 10 years ago and where it’s going
  • The difference between importance and impact
  • The reminder that it’s not the information you’re selling – it’s the transformation!
  • Why now is the best time to be a health and wellness professional working online
  • The business model you should be following now for online success
  • The language to use to overcome the #1 objection most health and wellness professionals hear
  • And so much more!

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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