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There are very clear sales seasons in the health and wellness industry. It doesn’t matter what niche market you’re in or where you live, it’s very apparent what the busy and slow times are. They’re predictable.

Things start to slow down at the beginning of December. With New Year’s resolutions right around the corner, that ‘holiday mentality’ sets in. The cumulative mindset switches to, “Oh well, it’s the holidays. I’ll start again in January.” It’s a huge problem.

Not only is it a huge problem for your clients – because health should be a priority all year round, not only when you’ve hit rock bottom or have to put on a bathing suit – but it’s also a problem for your business.

Since December is a predictably slower month, let’s talk about ways you can use this time to get more clients and grow your email list.

5 Ways To Get Clients
and Grow Your Email List Over The Holidays


1. Create a Digital Holiday Card

Send it to every single past and current client. Thank them for being a client. Send it out early in December before they are bombarded by holiday cards. It’s a subtle reminder that you are still there and may prompt them to get in touch with you.


2. Use the “Gift Certificate” Method

Use Canva or PicMonkey to create a holiday-themed gift certificate valid for one discovery session. You can even include the gift certificate in the holiday card you’ve already created. Make sure to include a dollar value and an expiry date.

Gift certificates worked really well for me as a referral tool. I would get 50 – 100 printed at a time and give each of my clients five to give out to their friends.

TIP: Instead of a dated expiry write: This gift certificate expires in 30 days. It will save time and money so you don’t constantly have to reprint and redistribute.


3. Create a Holiday Gift in the Form of a Holiday-specific Lead Magnet

This is something that you know would really help your ideal client during this time of year. Send the lead magnet opt-in page to all past and current clients. Then, for the entire month of December, promote the holiday-gift lead magnet all over the internet.

TIP: If you don’t have a holiday lead magnet you can use the 10-Day Body Reset Detox. Position the 10-Day Body Reset Detox as a gift you are giving away to help clients and prospective clients get back on track after a holiday party.


4. Host a Free Accountability Challenge

If you have a Facebook group (or even if you don’t) you can host a free ‘Holiday Accountability Challenge’ where you publish really good tips on how to prioritize your health over the holiday season.

One of the biggest lessons I learned early on in my career was to be a Go-Giver. Give away your best content. Give your time and give your support. You’ve got to give big in order to receive big. Yes, it takes up your time and energy, but it’s worth it because you will be doing something no one else is… showing up during a difficult time.

Hosting a free accountability challenge gives prospective clients an opportunity to know, trust and like you prior to you launching your January program.

Theme your days to help you organize your content. Spend a couple days creating content and then schedule it to be published. Interact with your challenge members.

TIP: When you show up for them in a BIG way you will see the return on your time and energy investment.

5. Hold a Holiday Sale

Use the holidays as a way for your prospects and clients to recommit to their health. Create a flash sale over a 7-day period where they can commit to a service package or program at a special price and lock in their preferred days and times to work with you.

TIP: Allow them to start their service package in either December or January.

Now you’ve got 5 ways to get more clients and grow your email list in November and December. Pick one of these strategies to implement.

You don’t need to do all 5.

Pick one, set aside a day or two to work on it, get it done and implement it. It won’t work if you don’t implement it.

Leave a comment below letting me know which strategy you’ve chosen and when you are going to implement it. Public accountability works!


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