I’m going to share a truth with you, that you may not like to hear: your designation doesn’t matter!

What matters most about you being a health expert is that you understand the business of your business.

Ask yourself: do you have a framework to follow, and are getting the results that you desire in a measurable and repeatable way (as in lather, rinse, repeat) – all without burning yourself out?

If your answer is umm, nope! Then you’re definitely in the right place because I’m going to share the exact framework for you to follow so that you will know what to focus on, what to repeat and what to improve.

Business models — what you weren’t taught in school!

Now, tell me if any of this sounds familiar?

Once you graduate, you’re left on your own to figure out how to start and grow a practice. So, you build a website, create a logo, start a blog, create a lead magnet, buy a done-for-you program and then expect the money to flow in.

But then it doesn’t. This was exactly ME when I first got really serious in 2007 about building my nutrition consulting practice.

I didn’t even know that I was running a business, and knew virtually nothing about creating a business model — I just wasn’t taught these concepts in school.

What I was taught in school was that I needed all kinds of different forms that I had to get my clients to fill out before we had our first consultation, and then I had to upsell them on a follow-up consultation.

In the meantime, I was supposed to go home, spend hours (and hours!) going through all of the forms, assessing all of their symptoms in order to create an extensive and customized nutrition protocol for my client.

THEN, we would have the follow-up, usually a 30 minute consultation two weeks later, in which we would go through the overwhelmingly extensive protocol that I had built for them. Needless to say, this didn’t work very well… for anyone!

What this 1:1 consultation dance did provide me was the clarity that I didn’t like doing all of the unpaid homework, spending hours pouring over someone’s intake forms only to build a program that quite frankly, they weren’t going to follow – except that I didn’t know that at the time!

So, with this newfound clarity, I knew there had to be a better way, so I went to work in developing what is now the Health Expert Business Model.

As someone who has spent years refining my brand, my ideal client and the problem/solution I provide, I can tell you that the more specific you get with this, the more sales you will make.

Think about what your potential clients are googling — what specific problem are they trying to find answers and a solution for? Here’s more on that in the article, “The Real Reason Why No One is Buying From You”.

Then, spend all of your time creating content that communicates (in the same language as your ideal client) what that problem is and how you know how to solve it for them.

However, if you do not know precisely who your ICA is – your ideal client avatar, then I want you to stop reading, and READ THIS first: How to Pick a Fulfilling and Profitable Niche Market.

The main goal of me walking you through all of this is that I want you to understand how to structure your business around your offering(s), whether they’re yoga, meditation, stress management tools, physical products, naturopathic medicine, personal training, functional movement or bootcamps.

I know you just yelled out, “Shut the front door! No way, not possible!”

Not only is this true, but I’m going to detail why this ONE model works for every type of health business on so many different levels. Truth be told – I’m lazy, and I’m all about taking the path of least resistance! REPURPOSING is one of my favourite words.

The 5 keys of running a successful Health Business – online or offline

  1. You need to know exactly what it is that you WANT from your business – what’s the end-game?

    What are you willing to spend at least the next couple of years doing so that you can make the impact that I know you want to make in this world – and WHY is having that impact important to you?

  2. Know WHO you want to serve. I mean, really know them. Get obsessive about knowing every little thing about your target audience or your ideal client. These are the people you want to have that definitive impact on.
  3. A focused business model that incorporates the elements of ATTRACT, NURTURE & LAUNCH (or SELL). Pick one strategy that you learn, you implement it, you track the results, and you improve upon it. You can’t move from one strategy to another – you have to follow-through and master just ONE.
  4. Get into the “long game” mindset, especially where income is concerned. This entails patience and perseverance, likely that you’ve never had to do with anything else before.

    As I said in an interview with Profit First Professionals, “Create a realistic financial target and grow from there. Most health coaches should not expect to make much money in his or her first year.

    Having a clear financial plan with realistic targets is the number one thing any health coach should do to be able to strategize her client goals, pricing and packages. Without this number, health coaches easily become overwhelmed by not knowing how many clients they need to make their goals and have difficulty sticking with their prices.”

  5. Having the drive or the ability to take imperfect action. This is YOU showing up every day. EVERY DAY. Even though you might not feel like it.

So, once again, here’s that question that I posed to you earlier:

Do you understand the business of your business, and do you have a framework in place that allows you to take that imperfect action?

One that is measurable and gets you the desired results where the key performance indicators (measurements or evaluators of how a business or program is performing) all point to “YES! This is working!”.

Again, if your answer is NO, then not to worry because we simply weren’t trained to be CEO’s. We were trained as Health Practitioners, so when you’re asked to put your business hat on, and take off your healer hat…well, that’s an uncomfortable and uncertain hat to wear!

This is where playing the “long game” is especially important and where I want to help you get right down to exactly what steps to take in framing your own business model using the Health Expert Business blueprint that I’ve spent years developing.

The Health Expert Business Model starts with identifying the two halves of your business:

I want you to understand that these 2 distinct parts of your business are going to be the same no matter what kind of health practitioner you are.

THE FRONT END – this is all of the stuff that people can SEE and what you’re using to attract your ideal client with.

Things like your website, blogs, videos, livestreams, lead magnets, social media platforms, and facebook groups. This stuff is your edu-taining persona, brand or impression that you give to your people.

Ultimately, this is the gateway into your world and you’re trying to entice them into it. Once they entered your world, so to speak, they’ve actually given you permission to market and sell to them.

Here’s the basic sequence that someone runs through on your front end:

  • Personal brand (= YOU showing up)
  • Ideal client attraction with edu-taining and free content
  • Self-selected lead gen – this is the lead magnet or free resource that you’re offering in exchange for someone’s email; email growth
  • They will consume your content, and it is usually at this point that they will self-qualify whether they want to continue down the path with you
  • Once opted-in, you immediately put them through a series of nurturing email that I like to call the KLT + E (Know, Like, Trust + Engage) nurture sequence
  • Next, you move them behind the scenes (more like behind the screens), where the real magic happens!

EXTRA NOTE – the front end is all about creating a 24/7 lead generation system. Because no leads = no clients. No clients = no impact made, and no money in da’ bank!

THE BACK END – think of this as the hidden machinery that makes all of that front end stuff function properly and is considered the “selling phase” of your business.

These are the components that allow you to run your business from behind the scenes – eventually on autopilot! Stuff like your email marketing platform, sales processes, and launch campaigns – basically the sequence that kicks off after a prospect enters your world.

This is where you’ve set up your own sales funnel sequence.

I’m going to walk you through an example of what is known as the Health Expert Consult sales funnel sequence, because I truly feel that this is the one that drives the most conversions – and, it doesn’t require any tech to get started!

  • Once your prospect has gone through the KLT+E nurture sequence, then you will move them into a “push to book” series, consisting of 6-8 emails, each containing several calls-to-action (CTA’s). These are instructional with a link compelling them to take action and book a free consult with you.
  • Once your prospect has now booked their free “discovery” call with you, they are then moved into a “push to show” series in which you will send a sequence of reminders and serve to get your prospect excited about connecting 1-to-1 with you. For example, 5 days, then 3 days, then 1 day, then the day of the call – motivating and reminding them to “show up”.
  • Then, they show up! And this is where you (gulp!) ask for the sale — into your services or your program. This is the point at which they’re either going to become a client, or they’re not.
  • New clients then get moved into the onboarding sequence based on your service package or program that they’ve just been enrolled into.
  • If they do not commit and invest on the spot, then it is recommended that those people be moved into a prospect follow-up sequence of 2-10 emails to continue priming them to eventually book a consult and/or buy from you.

I know this seems like a lot of emails, follow-up and nurturing – but once you’ve written the sequences the first time, it’s really just a lather, rinse, repeat cycle after that!

Just think of all the measurables – those key performance indicators, that you’re able to track from this process. Things like email open rates, click rates, number of leads or conversion rates of those who actually book, those who show up and those who then invest in your offering.

The key takeaway is to stay the course with your chosen business model and commit to mastering it.

THIS is the business of your business: a repeatable model with a framework that will get you your desired results = making an impact + predictable income!

Whether you are a Health Coach, Nutritionist, Naturopath, Personal Trainer, Energy Healer, Chiropractor or some combination of modalities — having a solid, repeatable framework will help you stop spinning in circles and feeling stuck in your business and actually place you in the position of CEO where you belong!

I did a podcast episode on this topic as well (because it’s THAT important!) so if you prefer to listen as I walk you through this Business Model, you can check out Episode 19 of The Business of Becoming Podcast.

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