A morning routine can set the tone for the rest of the day. Think about your days this past week. Perhaps you were sharp and on top of things on Monday. Shoot, you even had time to cook up a big breakfast. Then Wednesday came and you had to sneak into your office via the backdoor. It happens.

A great morning can feel quite magical and all, but a perfectly productive day has nothing to do with magic. There’s a science to it, which I’m going to share with you in this article.

But let me first start off by saying, I firmly believe that my morning magic routine has saved my sanity and is the top reason I’ve been able to grow my business year after year. I stand by that.

Perhaps because I’m a morning person: I am more productive in the morning when the whole world is asleep. When I discovered that, I started waking up earlier than usual to have more time to focus on my goals.

You can do the same — even if you’re not a morning person. You actually need to create a magic morning routine if you’re struggling with time management or have crazy mornings that ruin your energy for the day. Trust me, the top execs and business owners of our time all have magic morning routines.

So if you’re struggling with chaotic and low energy mornings, this podcast and article is for you!

Let’s get to it!

What’s a Morning Magic Routine?

A morning magic routine is a routine that enables you to do your best work within a specific time slot (typically in the morning). It’s a routine that can only take place at a time when you are most focused and most creative. Magic happens during that time, hence the name, “morning magic routine”.

It is during that magic time that you can tackle tasks (think sales, marketing) that are linked to driving your business forward in the most efficient and effective manner.

Interested in creating a magic morning routine? If so, you have to first identity when your magic time is.

Figure Out When Your Magic Time Is

Your magic time, or flow time, is the time when it is easiest for you to focus, be most creative and most productive.

When you’re in the flow, nothing feels forced: you’re not jumping from task to task due to lack of focus. It’s that time when it’s really easy to dive into work.

You can accurately figure out when your flow time is by paying attention to when you’re most creative and productive. For example, I can write an awesome piece of content (about a 1,500-word piece) in the morning. Whereas, I find it really hard to write anything in the afternoons.

Hence, my magic or flow time is first thing in the morning, around 5AM.

It’s important to know when this time is so you can create a routine and plan the rest of your schedule around it.

Now, it’s important for me to state that while early birds catch the worms, it doesn’t mean that night owls can’t catch some as well. If you’re a night owl, your morning will perhaps start later on during the day but you can still have a productive morning and afternoon.

Once you identify when your magic time is, it’s time to create a morning magic routine. Here are four steps to help you create one so you can start building your business in the most efficient manner possible.

4 Steps To Creating a Morning Magic Routine

1. Plan The Night Before

My morning magic routine actually starts the night before with a brief planning session. The planning happens either at the end of my workday or after I put my kids to bed.

If you don’t plan your day the night before, you may just end up staring at your to-do list on a computer screen all day. Followed by mini anxiety attacks at 5AM in the morning.

Put a stop to that and plan your morning routine the night before.

American Express CEO, Kenneth Chenault, stands by this step. He writes down three things he wants to accomplish the following day, the night before.

2. Make As Few Decisions As Possible

Making as few decisions as possible in the morning will preserve your flow and creativity as much as possible. The goal with cutting out as many decisions as possible is to keep you from depleting your creativity power bank of all that precious energy.

That’s why step 1 is so important. Planning out your work the night before removes any decisions about what you need to do in the morning. You simply wake up and dive in.

On a personal note, I don’t bother getting dressed or doing anything hygiene related in the morning. I also don’t decide what I’m going to wear, that comes later.

I try to avoid decision fatigue, just like the greatest entrepreneurs and leaders of our time do.

My morning is reserved solely for creativity.

3. Focus on Your Most Urgent Tasks in The Morning

There’s always so much to do in any business. So each quarter, we here at The Wellness Business Hub, plan our projects as a company. I then reverse engineer the steps I need to take in order to complete my tasks and deadlines.

The next step for me is to focus on the most important of those tasks during my magic morning time. You can do the same even if you’re a one woman or one man show.

Perhaps this could help you (it helps me): Determine what your three critical tasks are (based on the deadlines of the quarterly projects) for the week every Monday.

Try not to overwhelm yourself with too many tasks and don’t feel the need to rush through things. You need to be realistic so write down three things that need to get done that week. Preferably things that you can focus on.

For example, I spent two mornings outlining this podcast episode.

Remember that whatever you create on a particular morning should have been written down and outlined the night before.

4. Focus on Content Creation

At this point, I know what my morning will look like: the alarm goes off at 5AM, I pee, make coffee, I add two scoops of collagen to keep my blood sugar levels stable and I sit down at the computer.

Every day is the same — I don’t switch from coffee to tea or waste mental energy trying to decide what tea to brew. Pee, coffee, collagen, computer, content creation.

That’s how it goes and I usually have about 60 to 90 minutes to get some writing done and sometimes, I get a full 2 hours if my kids sleep in until 7AM (which is rare).

What I don’t do during that time is focus on social media. I solely focus on content creation because it’s hard for me to write blog posts or emails or sales pages during the day, when I only have 15-30 minute blocks here and there.

Let’s go back to the point I made earlier about what magic time is meant for: it is meant for tasks that are directly linked to driving your business forward.

Therefore, the last thing you want to be doing during your magic time is a task that drives you insane. It’s certainly not a good way to start your day.

No matter what your business is, use your magic time to create content. Write blog posts, emails for your weekly newsletter, scripts for Facebook Lives and program content. You can even use your magic time to brainstorm new content ideas.

Have you noticed I haven’t added client work to that list? That is because, in my opinion, the client doesn’t actually drive your business forward.

Here’s what I DON’T DO during my magic time:

  • Answer emails
  • Post on social media
  • Admin work
  • Client work
  • Graphics
  • Financials
  • Data entry

So those are the four steps to creating a morning magic routine that will work for you. There are however some mornings (about two per month) where I can’t get into the flow for whatever reason.

Can’t Get Into The Flow?

I have those mornings where I just can’t get into the flow, my brain is jumbled up and my creative juices just aren’t flowing. But I don’t beat myself up about it.

What I do instead is grab some paper and a pen and just do a full brain dump on there. All my feelings and thoughts get written on a piece of paper; and I find that when I do that, I’m able to release the feelings and let go of them.

Other times, when I can’t get into the flow, I strategize and map out something I’m stuck on in my business.

Other times, I put the computer away and light some candles. Other times, it’s my tarot cards. I’d ask those guiding me to take whatever feelings I’m having away and replace them with clarity and calmness. Other times, I put on some music and dance that unwanted energy away.

Do whatever brings you calmness and clarity so you can reclaim what’s left of your magic time that day. Just don’t beat yourself up over it. Adjust your schedule, tweak things here and there, and catch up on work you missed out on the following day.

Ready to Create Your Magic Morning Routine?

If you don’t have a magic morning routine, I challenge you to create one similar to mine, using the above four steps. At the very least, you will feel less stressed out, be more productive, more organized and have more energy to tackle the day.

Let me know about the steps you’re going to take to create a morning routine below, OR share what your current routine is to inspire others.

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