Let’s face it, when you’re just starting out in your business there are the “fun” tasks and the not so fun tasks. We can probably all agree that thinking about a logo and designing a pretty website and naming your business feel WAY more fun than registering your business, thinking about insurance, figuring out your ICA, actually creating your program or selling anything (gasp!)

But the trouble with the fun stuff is that it isn’t really the most important stuff. It’s the window dressing. It’s the not so fun stuff that is the foundation of your business and where you should be spending you time.

So that said, I could close this post off right now with this advice – Use your name for your business and call it a day.

Seriously, before we get into anything else. My number one piece of advice is to just use your name. I’ve seen it so often at this point that a health and wellness professional chooses a fun name, designs a cute logo and within 6 months they’ve changed their mind about who they want to work with or have taken a different direction and their business name and logo no longer fit.

A complete rebrand when you’re in the midst of building your sales funnel is not ideal. That’s why using your name is my #1 piece of advice. It will go with you wherever you decide to take your business. It’s the name of your programs that you can have more fun with.

Not convinced? Still feel like you want your business to have a “real name”?

Ok then, let’s fully analyze what’s really in a name – and how to make it work in your “bigger picture” brand for the long haul.


Is What You Name Your Business Really That Important?

When it comes to a small business, yes it is very important, actually.

While it may seem like one of the more fun tasks to do when you’re just starting your business, what you choose to call it could have an impact on the success of your startup (ad)venture.

Think about it, if all goes well, this name could be around for many more years!

However, if you follow these guidelines, you should be able to come up with something that makes a great first impression, kickstarts a budding personal brand, and continues to work for you in the long-run.


Tips For Naming Your Business

For solo practitioners we generally recommend that you call your business your name. Obviously you can name your programs other things but your business (and by default your website) should be your name, i.e. “YourName.com”

That way as the business shifts and evolves (which inevitably happens!), you don’t have to change your business name, and it can seamlessly evolve.

If you do choose to go with Your Name, then be sure that it also has a sub name that is descriptive of WHAT you do and WHO you serve.

For example, “Mary Smith, RHN ~ Meal Plan Mastery for Vegans”.

When choosing a name different from Your Name, the same principles apply to naming a program…

What would connect with and resonate for your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA)? What key terms are they searching for on Google? Does the name tell your ICA what your business is about?

This also applies to naming your Facebook group, if you choose to have one.

Be smart, but not too clever and don’t be negative. Avoid misspellings and being overly “cute”, e.g. Plantz instead of Plants, and avoid completely made-up words because no one will be able to find you.


Check that there aren’t any search conflicts, social media accounts, trademarks, and that the URL is available as these may all have an impact on the final name you choose.


Try Brain Dumping Your Business Name

If you’re just getting started in your own business naming process, then try this exercise – BRAIN DUMP YOUR BIZ NAME!

A brain dump is basically taking all of the great ideas out of your head and jotting them down all at once. Get out some blank paper and fun coloured pens, and start brainstorming or “mind mapping” some names.

Write down the names of existing businesses you like. Then, write down keywords that describe your business.

Make notes about how you want your business to be represented…how should it look, and feel, and what kind of energy do you want it to give off? Also, what kind of feeling do you want your people (your ICA) to have when they interact with you?

This is all part of shaping your “bigger picture” brand – a bit too much for the scope of this article, but needs to be considered when you’re choosing a name. Cultivating a solid brand takes time and there a number of factors involved, so no need to have it all figured out before you choose a name.

Once you come up with a few dozen ideas, you can start crossing off the ones that don’t work and you will have narrowed it down to your favourites.

Now you can use a thesaurus or word finder site to expand your “map”. Look up alternative words for the ones you used to describe your business and write them down as well. Insert some of these alternatives and play around with the new combinations.

Then, after you’ve chosen a few front runners — test them all out with your actual audience. They can ultimately help you choose a name that will truly resonate with them. Ask them what they think of when they hear your proposed name. Ask them how they feel. Ask them what problem they think you fix.


How I Named The Wellness Business Hub

Just because I know some of you are curious cats and are probably wondering where I came up with The Hub’s name…here’s a little story for you.

The Wellness Business Hub (WBH) got its name because our goal was to be THE hub for information, training and coaching for wellness professionals building their businesses. We do this by creating and publishing high quality, industry leading free & paid personal development and business training content that teaches The Health Practitioner Business Model and The Health Practitioner Launch Funnel.

I was inspired to create The WBH because after years of learning, implementing and running successful offline and online businesses, I recognized that there was a massive gaping hole that health & wellness practitioners promptly fell into after graduating from whatever program they had just completed.

I myself fell hard into that deep, dark hole the second I graduated, and it took me two years to dig myself out of it. And then there was the 4 years plus tens of thousands of dollars invested back into myself (and my business) to finally feel confident and be financially secure.

We built The WBH for people so they would have a place to drop in on everyday to learn, develop their business systems and mastermind with a purpose-driven community.

The Leaders in Transformation (L.I.T.s), as we affectionately and confidently call ourselves, are a group of ambitious and unstoppable practitioners, healers, coaches and fit pro’s who all want to build the business and life of our dreams.

But… fun fact, we’ve found that for social media purposes it works way better to use my name (by the way have you checked out my Instagram yet? Lots of great teaching posts and videos coming your way!) So it goes to show you that there is no perfect way to do almost anything in your biz.

The best advice I can give is to pick something and move on. Please don’t let this decision trip you up and stop you from moving forward in your business.

Now tell me in the comments below (or tag me on your Instagram), what is your biz name!?

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