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It’s frustrating and time consuming to keep up with all of the posting, graphic creation and hashtaging. While you know creating quality social media content is a must for any business operating in the new online economy you don’t want to be spending 2 hours a day doing it, nor should you.

Before I talk about how to outsource your social media content creation and scheduling to a virtual assistant let’s talk about what content really is first.

What Is Content Anyways?

Content = Value

When you create a blog post, an article, a recipe, a social media status, a video, an audio, a webinar, a teleclass, or an ebook you are creating content. Anytime you publish something for others to read, watch or listen to you are creating content.

There is paid content and free content.

Paid content comes in the form of your programs, services and products.

Everything else you publish is free. You likely give away free advice that should be paid for but that’s a whole other topic for another time.

Your content should be created with the intention of giving value. What does that really mean?

It’s means you don’t haphazardly publish blogs, ebooks, recipes, videos, audios and social media status updates because you know you have to so you publish anything just to have something.

Are you guilty of that? I know I was.

Your free content should be created with the intention of sharing valuable information with your ideal clients, the people you want to help.

Ask yourself this before creating content: Is what I am creating (writing, filming, designing, curating) and sharing able to help improve someone’s life?

Phrased another way: How is this piece of content going to help my prospects and clients think, feel or act differently?

When you create content for your audience ask yourself that question before you start so that you can better focus your content and give value each time you publish something.


How To Outsource Your Social Media To A Virtual Assistant.

There is a considerable amount of prep work to be done before you go and hire someone to create content for you, schedule the content into a social media scheduling platform like Hootsuite.

Virtual assistants, like any employee need direction and specific instructions. They need to be given clear guidelines around the type of content you want, when you want it published and where you want it published.

A big mistake I see people making when they hire VA’s is that they aren’t giving explicit instructions and assuming that the VA knows exactly what they want, should understand the task and be able to just go and do it.

If you were hiring an employee for your company would you expect him or her to walk into your company, sit down at a desk and just start working without any training?

Hiring a VA is like hiring an employee. You have to provide training, guidance and instruction for them to do the job successfully.


Do This Before Your Hire A VA:

  1. Create a brand description.
    Don’t get all nervous and overwhelmed. You don’t need to hire a professional to create a simple brand description. This brand description or brand profile will help your VA know more about you and your business so they can create content that is inline with the way you want people to perceive your business.

For example: you tell your VA to find you healthy, whole food recipes. She pulls fat-free recipes because those are considered to be healthy. She doesn’t know you hold a paleo philosophy and value a high-fat diet.

Tip: This brand profile should be given to everyone you work with so they can better understand who you are and how you want your brand to be positioned in the market.

Answer these questions:

What is my business description?

What is my business’s mission?

What sets my business apart from my competition?

How do I help people?

Who does my business serve?

What is my health and wellness philosophy?

How do I want to be perceived by my prospects and clients?

How do I want my business to feel to the public?

How colours, fonts, graphics etc. do I like/not like?

What do I stand for?

What do I stand against?

  1. Create An Editorial Marketing Calendar

This is a calendar where you plug in your sales promotions to the calendar. You want your free content to tie into whatever promotion you have going on in your business.

Your free content should give results in advance and educate your prospects so that when it comes time offer the opportunity to register for your paid content your prospects have already gotten so much value from you that it becomes easy to make a decision to buy from you. They trust that you will be able to help them.

You will give your editorial content to your virtual assistant so they can see what you have planned for your business and create content accordingly.

Example: You plan to run a detox April 10th. You have this outlined on your calendar. For the two weeks leading up to the launch of your April detox your VA can create content around detoxification – tips, facts, helpful hints, things to watch out for when detoxing, DIY detox stuff etc.


  1. Create A Workflow Procedure

Time to start thinking like a boss! Your workflow document will dramatically cut down on your level of frustration so take time to create it. You’ve heard that you need systems in your business, right? This workflow document is a system.

A workflow is document a sequence of tasks intended to produce a specific outcome. Your VA will follow your instructions. This document will help to streamline the work and get you the best results.

In this document you can plot out all of the various tasks that must be looked after by your VA. It’s your responsibility to give your VA step-by-step directions so that you get the outcome you want.

I would create this document using Google docs. This way you can share it with whoever you want, update it and never have to worry that your VA’s won’t get the updated version.

Things to think about when creating a workflow document:

What kind of content do you want created? (Graphics, blogs, quotes, tweets, tips etc.)

How much content do you want created? (How many times a day do you want content going out?)

Do you want different content going out on different days?

Do you want to approve the content before it gets published?

How should the VA provide you with content to approve?

How fast do you want to get the content?

What happens when you approve it?

How does your VA schedule and post it?

Now you are ready to hire a virtual assistant!

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