Sweaty palms…upset stomach…dry mouth…

“What if I can’t answer a question?”

“What if I forget what I’m supposed to say?”

“What if no one shows up?”

Just a few of the fun things that might happen or you might worry about leading up to do public speaking.

It may be one of the most common fears in the world but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s also one of THE best ways to grow your email list and your revenue…so it’s time to feel the fear and do it anyway!

Putting yourself out there and getting in front of groups of potential clients is how I built my weight loss business and one of the ways I often recommend my coaching clients do it too. Whether your business is online, offline or a bit of both – giving free workshops and talks should be high on your list of priorities.

Yep, it can be scary, I get it. But you are building a business. It’s not all going to be sunshine and roses.

Recently, I sat down with Christine Boucher a Motivation & Mindset Health and Wellness Coach, to discuss how she has successfully grown her client base and revenue by using public speaking as a key list building tactic.

She explains that she still feels nervous and not every talk is a winner but she’s found a way to get past that and just keep on going. Persistence is definitely the name of the game when it comes to building your business.

In this short 15-minute video interview they discuss:


  • Why giving free talks is a great way to grow your business
  • How if you don’t have an offer you are wasting a major opportunity
  • The importance of having a conversation vs. “selling”
  • Why it might be time to throw away your sales script
  • How listening might be even more important than speaking
  • That’s it’s not about you ~ it’s about them!
  • And more!

Let us know in the comments below what a-ha moments or insights you gain from this discussion. What can you relate to?

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