So you’ve identified Instagram as the place where your ideal clients hang out.

In fact, I bet you are following a lot of your peers or fellow wellness pros on Instagram… and that is a BIG mistake!

To use Instagram effectively when promoting an offering, you really need to focus your content on generating leads. There is only one opportunity to do so in Instagram: using the one (1) link we have in our profile.

Let me start by addressing two elements crucial to promoting your offerings on Instagram: Your bio link AND your content.


Element 1: Bio Link

There are two approaches to directing people to your offering, such as a lead magnet (opt-in or landing page).

  • The first is applicable if you are promoting something time sensitive like a webinar, a blog post with a opt-in built in, or a set-date program. For this scenario, the strategy is to change the link according to your most recent post (which directs people to the opt-in/sales page).
  • The second strategy is applicable if you have multiple programs/opt-ins going on. This strategy takes the one link in your Instagram profile and directs people to a dynamic Instagram campaign landing page that holds the same posts you put on Instagram and allows you to collect leads specific to each program/offering. Here is an example of what one looks
    • The app to build this is called ShortStack and you would use their “Instagram leads” template. HERE are some instructions (skip to the infographic near the end.)


The important part

Whichever approach you take it is important to see if your efforts are actually
attracting people to your opt-in (otherwise you won’t know what to experiment with, what works, and what doesn’t).

Since Google Analytics does not track Instagram traffic for your site you will need to take two simple steps to track your leads from Instagram.

  • First, you will need to use Google URL Builder (skip to the section called URL Builder Form and enter the following in the fields: Website URL*: “enter the site you want to generate leads from”; Campaign Source*: “Profile”; Campaign Medium*: “Social”; Campaign Name*: “Instagram”). Click “Generate URL” and copy it (wait to paste until the next part!).

  • Second, because who wants to paste that ugly link in your bio… Go to ly and create a custom short link by pasting your URL Builder copied link into the link shortener generator. Now copy that shortened link and paste it into your Instagram profile here. This link will be exclusive to your Instagram account so you can identify it in Google Analytics in the Acquisition tab under All Traffic tab… then Source/Medium Tab. If you don’t know what I am talking about that is completely normal! You will get to this eventually (or send to your Virtual Assistant) as it gives you feedback as to what efforts are working or not). Need more info click here.


    Element 2: Content

    Images are king on Instagram.

    You will need to create images that your ideal client will want to like, read, and be engaged with by commenting and clicking your link (at best).

    So how do people find your content?

    They will find it:

    1. If they follow you.
    2. In the explore area of Instagram (looking glass icon in the app) where Instagram gives users suggested content based on Instagram accounts they follow or photos they have liked (so if they follow similar accounts to yours… your content might be suggested to them as potentially of interest.
    3. Through hashtags.
    4. Through direct message from their friends.



    You will want to use hashtags that are specific to your target market rather than popular or unpopular.

    For example, is your ideal client location based?

    • If I was a holistic nutritionist in Toronto I would hashtag my local yoga studio to capture the attention of this type of client. I might consider hashtagging where they eat, what they do, what they read, where they shop, where they hang out, what they eat, what condition they have, what they do for fun, the gym they go to, the type of diet they follow, the type of exercise they do, where they live, what they drive …. hope you see what I am getting at?
    • Of course you can and should include descriptive hashtags and seasonal hashtags when applicable but the bulk should be targeted hashtags. Research shows that using up to 11 hashtags is best on Instagram for maximum engagement and it is best to put these at the end of your post (or in a second comment on your post… so it’s editable) rather than in the text. See my post on why you don’t want to cross-post Instagram posts to Facebook or Twitter.


    Important tips for your Instagram marketing strategy:

    You have to work the medium to make it work for you! That being said here are some tips.

    • Clean up who you follow on Instagram and, for the most part, follow your ideal customers. This will allow you to take maximum advantage of the Explore tab (looking glass) because it will suggest more people to follow based on the ones you follow. Holla! It will provide you more of your ideal customers. If all you ever do is follow your wellness peers and colleagues (I’m speaking to you holistic nutritionists following each other.. haha)… it will spit that back to you… these are not your ideal clients. Cool?
    • Get yourself an Instagram content editorial tool so you can schedule out your content in sync with your programs/offerings/promotions… if you have a New Year’s detox program coming out then make sure your content supports that around the time of the launch. These two tools are my fav: and SkedSocial.


    *Content Update:

    Instagram for business is rolling out and those who have it will get access to analytics and their account will feature a “contact” button in their profile area. How to get it? You need a Facebook business/fan page and it is in the Facebook page settings you will find a left hand tab called “Instagram Adverts” it is here where you will link your Instagram account to Facebook. This is how Instagram will identify your account as a business one on Instagram. But if you don’t see the option, don’t worry it’s coming as they are sloooowly rolling it out! 


    Author bio:

    Melissa Leithwood, PhD Candidate in Business, is a coach to entrepreneurs onMelissa Leithwood strategy, marketing, and social media. Her educational background is as colourful as her crayon set, with bachelor’s degrees in psychology and communications, a master’s in environmental studies and business, and is currently a PhD Candidate in business. On her bookshelf you can find books by Deepak Chopra, Daniel J. Siegel, and Gabrielle Bernstein next to books by Philip Kotler, Robert Hoekman, Jr, and Joseph T. Mahoney. She has also received accolades for her published cases, which are distributed through Harvard and Ivey Publishing. Today when she isn’t sipping organic green juices with her honey and daughter in Toronto, she can be found presenting, or brushing up her skills, at conferences and workshops. Check her out on the web:www.melissaleithwood.comFacebook: & Instagram:



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