Lead magnet, freebie, opt-in… whatever you call it YOU need one (or a few) for your health business. Whether you have a nutrition or health coaching business, fitness or yoga business, chiropractor, naturopath, or something else. Whether you work online, offline or a combination of both a lead magnet (my preferred term) is a MUST.

So,buckle up because this is an information PACKED post that will walk you through all. the. things. when it comes to everything you need to know about lead magnets.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a piece of FREE content created with one purpose: to solve a very specific problem for your ideal client. You provide that free content in exchange for their email address.

It could be a…video or video series.

Or an audio clip or audio series.

A PDF (you know how we all love our PDF’s!)

Or a coupon.

Maybe a quiz.

Or a checklist.

It could be a resource guide.

And 5 to 7 day challenges are super popular.

Basically, it’s something short and sweet so that your target audience can consume the content and get a positive result quickly.

And in exchange for receiving that high-value content…in exchange for getting that solution, they’re going to give you their carefully guarded email address.

Typically the lead magnet is offered for free, but make no mistake about it, a critical transaction happens every time someone gives you their email address.

The transaction is that you offer them a promise for a targeted solution to their problem, and in exchange they’re offering you precious space in their inbox.

Why do I need to have a lead magnet?

It’s all about the power of attraction!

Having a lead magnet enhances your ability to attract the key people that you want to work with, and to capture their contact information, so that you can:

  • Get them to know you.
  • Get them to like you.
  • Build their confidence.
  • Give them a quick win.

This is all so that when you go and introduce them to your work, your services, your programs, they’ll know, like and most importantly trust you – AND they’ll be more likely to invest in you and buy your stuff!

Basically, your audience is trying you on for size before committing to working with you. And in doing that, you’re essentially getting them to KNOW, LIKE & TRUST YOU without asking them to spend any money whatsoever.

If you don’t have a proven way to capture your potential ideal client’s contact info then that is where you start – even before you build a website or post on social media.

Building a Lead Magnet – it’s not as hard as you think!

Seriously, spend your time creating this critical piece of content before you do anything else. If you aren’t constantly building your email list, then you aren’t building your business.

Here’s how to get started…


If you are running a 5-day clean eating challenge you have to be realistic about what kind of results you are promising. Because we all know that you can’t “fix” everything in 5 days.

When designing the program get really specific about ONE problem that you are solving. Maybe it’s bloating. You can’t solve someone’s total digestion in 5 days, but you can probably help them decrease bloating. Or maybe it’s learning how to do a “real” push up from their toes. You can’t promise arms like a fitness model in 5 days but you can teach them this one specific thing – got it?


Once you know what problem you are solving, then it’s time to create the actual content people will receive in exchange for providing their email address.

This is when you write the e-book, create the 5-day challenge, record the workout video, etc.

It should be easy to follow, actionable content. This isn’t the time to go deep into topics or the science. Your ideal client is looking for a solution to their problem, and you want to give that to them.

That’s the whole point of a lead magnet is to get them to opt-in to get a win as quickly as possible so that they come back to you and say, “That was great. Now, how do I work with you?!”

Keep it simple. This shouldn’t take you months, or even more than a day or two. A word document saved as a PDF works just fine. A video recorded on your phone and uploaded to Vimeo is perfect. Take the path of least resistance. Get it done and get it out there. Just like your signature program, it’s going to constantly evolve as you offer it to more people. So don’t overthink it for now.

Don’t want to create something from scratch? Check out our Done-For-You lead magnets and signature programs here.


An opt-in page is dedicated to this ONE purpose – like a website page, that you’re going to:

  • send social media followers to
  • send people from your free talks and workshops to
  • send people from a blog post to

It is a dedicated page with nothing else on it – no nav tabs, no links to social media, nothing that would distract them from reading the content and then taking action (opting in).

That’s the name of the lead magnet game – opting in!

There are many different platforms you can use to create an opt-in page. We like ClickFunnels, but if you are just starting out you can even use your email marketing platform or create a new page on your website if you have one.

This is the page that you integrate with your email marketing system to collect an email in exchange for the content. Your dedicated opt-in page also has a very specific URL, and then you promote it by giving free talks in your community, promoting it on social media and mentioning it in your blogs.

And BOOM! – you’re sending people to this dedicated page, that has ONE purpose = to gain your ideal audience’s contact info, and build your email list.

What to Include on the Opt-in Page

1. A Compelling Headline

When promoting your lead magnet, it’s important in your headline to remember that you’re not featuring the name of the lead magnet, per se, but you’re actually giving them the promise of what they’re going to gain by subscribing to whatever it is that you’re offering.

For example, rather than “Join the 72-hour Green Smoothie Challenge”. You  want to say something that will make your ideal client think “They’re talking to ME!” Try “Beat the bloat for busy moms in just 3 days using what you already have in your fridge.”

Your headline is NOT the title of your e-book or challenge or whatever, it is something that entices them to want to read more. Something that’s very outcome-based, benefit-driven and makes them see the value of providing you their email address.

Use the words that your ideal client uses to describe their pain points and problems so it’s really clear to them that you are offering the solution to their problem.

2. An Attention Grabbing Image

A bright and colourful image that immediately connects to your ideal client and conveys the message or theme of your lead magnet can dramatically increase your opt-in rate. We like sites like Unsplash for free, beautiful images that don’t look like traditional stock photos.

3. Benefit Bullets

After your catchy headline(s) and images, you want at least three benefit bullets to follow.

For example, “here’s what you get” OR “here’s what you’ll learn” OR “here’s why you need this”…and then you list the benefit bullets.

What is it that they’re actually going to get from an outcome-based perspective?

How are you going to solve their problem quickly without them having to learn a whole heck of a lot in a way that allows them to TAKE ACTION so that they can actually get the benefit of “working with you” without actually having to hand over money?

This isn’t where you list how many pdfs they get or what’s included in the meal plan. This is where you talk about how they will feel as a direct result of taking action. What is the transformation?

4. A Short Bio

Include a brief bio about you so that those opting in actually know who they will be seeing in their inbox. You can include a headshot here too if you have one.

5. Call to Action (CTA)

Getting them to the opt-in page is step one. Getting them to enter their info and click that subscribe now button is step two.

Ensure you have a really clear CTA to “Join Now to Get Started” with an easy to spot button to click and enter their info.

As I mentioned above you want your opt-in page to be free of any other links and distractions so it’s super clear what action you want them to take – entering their info.

They hit the ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button…and then what happens?

HINT: marketing magic!

Once they hit the button, that will add their name and email into your email marketing platform like ActiveCampaign, AWeber, MailChimp, or whatever it is that you use.

(We use ActiveCampaign – for all of THESE reasons.)

Once they are added to your email list (you’ll want to create a dedicated list for each lead magnet), they will receive an immediate response email with the download link for the content you’ve promised them.

This is also a good time to introduce yourself and set the stage for what they can expect to receive in their inbox moving forward (what kind of content you send you, how frequently you email, etc.)

And then you want to let them know where else they can hang out with you — your social media links, your website, invite them to your Facebook Group if you have one, etc.

This isn’t where it ends though, it’s actually only the beginning. Now the email marketing begins. Once your ideal client is on your email list this is when you begin to nurture and grow that relationship. You show up consistently, providing awesome value and content and over time you invite them into transformation (i.e., you sell them into your program).

Where to Promote Your Lead Magnet

  1. As a banner on your website
  2. In your blog posts – using links or images
  3. Right-hand sidebar of your website
  4. Add it to your email signature
  5. During free live talks in your community
  6. Social media – posts, Facebook Lives, etc. **See below
  7. Guest posting on other well-read blogs can be a great way to get your name out there, build up your credibility, and can be an opportunity to promote your current lead magnet
  8. If you’re a member of FB groups where your ICA (ideal client avatar) hangs out – there may be an opportunity there, but be aware of the group’s rules as well as general self- promotional etiquette – more about that HERE.

The natural next question is: How often should you promote your lead magnet on social media?

There’s a general rule I like to follow sometimes referred to as The 60/30/10 Golden Ratio in marketing circles – this ensures that you have a good balance of information, “edu-tainment”, and promotion of your content:

  • 60% Relevant, curated content that includes your point of view and commentary
  • 30% Owned content such as your blogs, photos, and videos
  • 10% Promotional content (like your lead magnet) or your call to action

Be sure that you’re not hard-selling your lead magnet when you do introduce it – because that probably won’t feel good to you, and it certainly won’t feel good to your ideal client.

Still want more Lead Magnet Goodness? Check out this live video training I’ve done in my Take Your Health Practice Online Facebook Group to answer more of your questions. Watch I as I answer questions live and walk through copywriting, opt-in page layouts, etc. with other health experts just like you.

Now comment below, what lead magnet have you found works best to attract your ideal client?

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