Have you legalized your health business?

The online world can feel like the wild west sometimes. Things can happen quickly and are changing constantly. 

It can feel super hard to be confident that you know what the rules of the game are and that you are secure legally should something happen.

We get a lot of questions in our Take Your Health Practice Online Facebook Group about proper disclaimers, trademarks, forms and so much more and while we answer a lot of that in this past blog post, I wanted to take it one step further. 

I wanted to speak with an expert about the areas that are a MUST DO when it comes to covering your butt and the areas that maybe you don’t need to worry so much about. So I invited Sam Vander Wielen, LLC to join me for a conversation. Sam is a corporate attorney turned Health Coach so she understands both sides of the business really well.

We cover everything from website disclaimers, client forms, medical disclaimers, copyright and trademarking. This will hopefully help clear the air and get you focused.

Here is more of what we cover in this info filled interview:

  • The “must-haves” when you are just starting out
  • The 3 legal documents every website should have
  • The scenarios you should be thinking about NOW to save yourself a lot of awkward conversations and headaches down the road
  • How to set boundaries from the beginning around your time, refunds, payments and more
  • Disclaimers and other “legalese” you need to include on your website and client forms
  • Copyright and trademarking and if you should bother
  • And a lot more

This might be one that you bookmark and come back to a few times over as you continue to grow in your business because as we mention in the interview, this is an ever evolving process as your business grows and changes so to will your need to protect yourself and your content.

Let us know in the comments below what a-ha moments or insights you gain from this discussion. What will you implement now to strengthen your business and protect yourself?

Check out the full interview here:

About Sam: Sam Vander Wielen is a corporate-attorney-turned-entrepreneur and health coach who helps entrepreneurs confidently create services, courses, and content they love because they’re backed with her DIY legal templates. Born and raised in Philadelphia, in her free time Sam loves to drink great coffee, go to the beach, read, exercise, and spend time with her wonderful husband. She’d love for you to connect with her through her website, Instagram and Facebook.

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