Where is one of the first places you go to find a service provider in your area?

Facebook’s search bar? No.

Google. Yes, Google.

And your potential new clients are doing the same when they are searching for… potentially you!


Have you ever wondered how to get to the top of Google’s search results page?

Well there are two ways to do this:
The first is through obtaining organic unpaid rank on the first-page(s).
This is often what marketing experts referred to as having good SEO (A.K.A. a website that is search engine optimized). Meaning your posts are not only relevant but get clicked a lot. This way is tops. But it can take months to a year to build up your organic reach or rank on Google.
However, there is a second way.

So while you’re busy building your organic reach by ensuring your website is search engine optimized and that your blog posts are relevant to what people are searching for you… can hack/pay your way to the top!

How? Through Google ads otherwise known as Google AdWords.

Google AdWords allows you to reach the people who are looking for your exact service at that exact moment.

Unlike Facebook ads, which also have an important place in your marketing strategy, Google AdWords reaches the individual when they are in the buying mindset.


Let me give you an example:

When you post a Facebook ad for your nutrition services and it lands up in the newsfeed of your target audience they may not be ready to act on what your ad has to offer or enlist your services. At least at that exact moment. They are less likely to be in that ready to buy mindset (unless your ad copy is super-duper awesome, because you’ve been following Lori Kennedy’s Instagram knowledge bombs, and convinces them otherwise!).


So what does the “buying mindset” look like?

It’s that moment when you’ve got an itch to scratch… a problem that needs solving, asap! This is when you go to Google (before you ask friends or go into a Facebook group). Where your potential new client will type in the search box “Nutritionist Toronto” or “Chiropractor Toronto” or “Personal Trainer downtown Toronto” or “Naturopath Toronto” or “find a Nutritionist near me”. They are looking at that exact moment for a solution to their problem.

This is the genius of Google ads. The ads show up front and centre in the top of the Google search results at that exact moment when someone is searching for your services. See that image below, all AdWords ads before we even get to the organic unpaid search results. The word Ad before the website address gives it away.

You don’t pay for impression, you pay per click.

In Google AdWords you’re targeting based on keywords: words or phrases your potential new clients would enter in the Google search bar. So if you want your fitness business to show up for people searching for a “weight loss boot camp in Toronto” then you will bid on or target the keyword phrase “weight loss boot camp Toronto”.

To increase clicks and conversions many of the students in my AdWords for Naturopathic Doctors (and wellness practitioners) online course will create promotions just for Google AdWords leads. For example, one ND is giving one hundred dollars off a facial. While a nutritionist is going niche and targeting paleo keywords.

A best practice for Google AdWords is to have a phone number that people can call into. This is especially important because these are called “cold leads” that are not familiar with you or your services and may have questions before they book in or hand over their money.

Interested in learning about how AdWords could work for your wellness business? Click the link in my bio.

About the Author

I’m Melissa Leithwood, social media marketing strategist and PhD candidate in business strategy. I help wellness professionals use social media and digital marketing to reach the people that need them. I’ve been blogging since 2002 (can we say early adopter!) and have helped naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, dentists, doulas, yogis, and more connect with their community and grow their business. Example: I’ve helped wellness practitioners grow their new client base from 2 per month to 20 per month using Google AdWords.

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