EPISODE 46 | Life & Business Aren’t Mutually Exclusive With Marni Wasserman

Aug 2, 2018 | 2 comments

What happens to your health business when your personal health and habits change? Marni Wasserman shares her story with Lori Kennedy on Episode 46 of The Business of Becomong Podcast

I have to admit I was having a fangirl moment when I connected with this week’s guest. I was so excited to be able to chat with Marni about all of the big changes in her personal life and business and how those intersect. When you become an entrepreneur, life and business are no longer mutually exclusive and I know this is can be tricky to navigate for many.

I invited Marni Wasserman to join me to talk about how the lines between your business and your personal life can and do blend. Manri is super open and generous with what she shares about her business and how it has evolved over more than a decade. She describes what it meant to her business when her personal health changed and became out of sync with what she’d been teaching in her business.

It’s so important to remain open to where life leads and not assume that where we start is where we’re going to finish. We all go through different evolutions and different stages in life – and often as we go through those changes our businesses do as well. I can relate to a lot of this personally as my career has changed big time since my first year as a Nutritionist. I’m certain you’re going to love this episode and can’t wait to hear what you think!

More About Marni:

Marni Wasserman’s life is rooted in healthy living. No only is she a nutritionist and chef, but she is also the co-host of the Ultimate Health Podcast. Marni is also the author of Fermenting for Dummies and Plant Based Diet for Dummies. Marni uses passion and experience to educate individuals on how to adopt a real food diet and balanced lifestyle through simple strategies.

Connect with Marni on the Ultimate Health Podcast website, Ultimate Health Podcast Instagram, or Marni’s personal Instagram

Listen to Episode 46 below:

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