EPISODE 39 | Live Coaching: How to Know What Sells

Jun 14, 2018 | 8 comments


I’ve got something different (and awesome) this week on the podcast.

This episode comes from a recent Facebook Live coaching session I did in my free online community – Take Your Health Practice Online. I do live training and hot seats in that group regularly to support the more than 8000 alternative health practitioners in that group that are learning to grow and build their business online and I thought it was time to share some of that goodness with you!

In this episode I put 2 health business owners in the hot seat and did live-coaching with them to walk through their signature program ideas and give them feedback on how to position it so that it will actually sell!

I know that I learn best by example, so I’m certain this episode is going to provide a lot of clarity for you.

Some key takeaways from this session include;

  • How to know what your ideal clients will actually pay for
  • How to position your signature program so that it will actually sell
  • Finding clarity around what your signature program should actually be about
  • The reminder that you need to focus on ONE problem

Hot Seat # 1 – Dr. Ameet Aggarwal, ND

Ameet has a program that he offers both business to business (practitioner to practitioner in his case) as well as business to general client. The content of the program is the same and he offers two separate sales pages for this program depending on if it’s the general public or a professional looking to purchase.

Suggestions I give Ameet: The best thing you can do for any signature program is to reverse engineer the offer, begin with what the outcome will be and why someone would pay for it.

Who would buy this content AND why do they want to buy it?

When writing the copy for your sales page, remember to sell benefits over features.  

The features of your program will get them to the end result or outcome, but that end result (AKA the benefits) is what will get your client to pull out their credit card and go forward with the purchase in the first place.  You can connect with Ameet via his website here.

Hot Seat # 2 – Sabrina Rogers

Sabrina has at least 3 different niche designations that she could create and sell a program from. Her question was how she should go about deciding which designation to focus on and how to market her overall brand?

Suggestions I give Sabrina: When creating programs or sales offers, especially when first starting out, you should go with the path of least resistance. Building a personal brand around something intangible is really hard – body image and self love are not a tangible end result that someone can see – whereas something like weight loss is. You’ve got to sell them what they want, and give them what they need.

Helpful hint: you can always be building your intangible personal brand goals around a tangible program that people are asking for. In fact, doing that will build rapport with your clients and also attract those ideal clients who want the intangible aspect of your expertise to your business.

The key takeaway from both hot seats is that you have to be focusing on what clients will pay for in order to bring them into your world. You need to get them at where they are at and what they will actually pay for versus what you think that they need.


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