According to the survey we just sent out there are loads of you making between $0-$500 per month. Maybe that’s because you are just starting out or maybe it’s because you don’t know how to create a lead generation and sales conversion process.

In other words… you don’t have a clear understanding of what content to create, how to capture leads and what to do so that those leads become happy, loyal clients… you are throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks… and it ain’t sticking.

In this article I’m going to give you a marketing and sales system that you can use to make your first $500 and then hopefully use that same process to double it.

I’m giving you a map with turn by turn directions… you just need to follow it and do the work.

Let’s start off by looking at three different ways you can make your first $500. Then I’m going to walk you through a marketing and sales system that explains how to get leads and convert them into paying clients.

3 Options To Make Your First $500

Option #1: Create a single package that features enough value equal to $500

This could include one 60-minute intake session with you, a simple and easy to follow protocol, a 7-day meal plan, recipes and two 30-minute follow up calls.

You only need one person to invest and BOOM… you’ve made your first $500.

Option #2: Create a package that features enough value to equal $250

This could include a 60-minute intake and 30-minute follow-up with a 7-day meal plan with recipes.

Option #3: Create a package that features enough value to equal $100

This would be a digital package which may include a 7- or 14-day meal plan with recipes and access to a private Facebook group.

You just need five people to invest and boom you’ve made your first $500.

Let me just make one thing clear: you don’t need a niche market or ideal client or website or a logo to take action on any of these three suggestions. You just need to put yourself out there and offer support.

But, easier said than done, right?

Are you thinking, that’s great advice but HOW DO I PUT MYSELF OUT THERE?

Before I lay out your lead generation and client conversion map go grab a pen and piece of paper so you can catch any ideas that come up while you are reading this.

Remember, this system only works if you take action on it.

Lead Generation & Client Conversion Map

According to it takes 6 to 8 touch points for a lead to convert into a client.

Posting a blog once or twice a month or randomly publishing content on social media isn’t going to cut it.

It’s vital that you have a system that works for you 24/7 to capture leads, nurtures and primes the new subscribers and then invites them into transformation. I wrote a 3-part series on how to do that if you’d like to learn more.

But before we get into growing your email list and creating an automated sales funnel you need to make your first $500. The rest of this article details exactly how you’re going to do that.

Think about this map like a GPS system. In order for the GPS to give you turn by turn directions you need to first enter in the final destination. Then the GPS calculates the best route with the fastest time to get to you to your final destination.

Pick Your Final Destination:

Choose from one of the three options to make your first $500. Pick the option that feels the easiest and most aligned with your current level of confidence. No one option is better than the other. If the thought of charging one person $500 makes you want to vomit than choose option #3 and charge five people $100 each.

Define Your Package Features & Benefits:

Take your time to answer each of the following questions — but don’t take too long, no need to overthink this. It’s a starter package. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it’s need to get done quickly so you can get it out into the world.

—->FEATURES: What is included in the package?
The items you include in the package will depend on the amount you charge. Each item is created to solve a problem. I gave you some examples of what you could include in each option above. Feel free to use the example.

—->BENEFITS: How is having the features in the package helpful to the client?
You need to be able to clearly tell the prospective client how the package is going to help them. In other words, what solutions do the items in your package represent to the prospective client?

List out each item and then brainstorm how it’s going to provide solutions for the prospect’s problem(s) or how it will help them to feel better.

EXAMPLE: $100 Package

Name of package:

Quick & Easy 7-Day Metabolism Boosting Meal Plan

Features Include:

One 7-day meal plan that features healing foods known to help balance blood sugar, suppress cravings, help you to feel fuller longer and stimulate the metabolism.

Each meal plan includes a one-page food list that gives you options to swap out foods in case you don’t like what is provided on the plan.

All meal plans include recipes and a grocery shopping list.


We know you are super busy and don’t have time to spend hours shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning yet you want to eat healthy and shed a few pounds in the process.

With the The Quick & Easy 7-Day Metabolism Boosting Meal Plan you won’t be deprived of your favorite foods, sweets and treats… we’ve just swapped the crappy stuff out for better choices because it’s not realistic to never eat a potato or cookie again.

There’s no need to think, calculate or plan what you are going to eat anymore. Just follow The Quick & Easy 7-Day Metabolism Boosting Meal Plan, swap out the foods you don’t like for ones you do and you’ll start to feel the difference within a few short days.

Each of your quick and easy meals are made with ingredients that keep you feeling full for hours and don’t cause blood sugar spikes. No blood sugar spikes equals no cravings. Yippy!

Solutions for the prospect:

1. Low stress – no need to think, calculate or plan
2. Food list – gives options and makes it easy to follow
3. Made for busy people – relief that they don’t have to spend lots of time cooking
4. Realistic – no deprivation
5. Helps with cravings – makes it easier for them to stick to the plan

Start Educating:

If you are anything like me, promoting yourself is not an easy thing to do. So let’s flip the script and instead of feeling like you have to promote and market your practice just start educating people — share your knowledge with them. Afterall, isn’t that one of the reasons you became a health practitioner in the first place?

Set a goal to publish one educational social media post a day for 14 days.

Follow these steps:

1. Brainstorm a list of 14 things you think your family and friends need to learn about their health that are related to the package you are selling.
2. Find an image to match each piece of content.
3. Put them in logical order.
4. Add a publication date beside each one.
5. Each day publish one piece of content on your personal Facebook page and Instagram account.

Do not promote your package at all during the 14 days. You are creating educational content and publishing it daily to build rapport with your audience (even if your audience is your family and friends).

EXAMPLE: 14 educational content ideas related to the 7-Day Metabolism Boosting Meal Plan

1. A personal story about how bad my sugar cravings were
2. Symptoms of sugar cravings and what that can mean
3. What is hypoglycemia
4. How do you get hypoglycemia
5. How sugar/food cravings make you fat
6. Recipe: blood sugar balancing breakfast
7. How sleep affects blood sugar
8. How to stop a sugar craving dead in its tracks
9. Favorite sugar alternatives
10. Afternoon snack ideas
11. A vulnerable story of how it felt to gain weight
12. What to eat before bed if you are hungry
13. How to deal with friends who sabotage your efforts
14. 5 foods to eat at lunch that keep you full for hours
BONUS: Share recipes from the content you’ve put together that you will be selling.

Start Engaging:

What does engaging even mean? It means having a real conversation with a person as if you were sitting together drinking coffee. Engaging with your audience is one of the best places to invest your time — these people are your future clients after all.

Your daily posts will start to gain attention, people will start to like, share and comment. What I want you to do is personally thank every single person who completes an action, i.e. gives you a like, a share or leaves a comment.

Tag and thank them for liking and sharing. Reply back to their comment, answer their questions if they leave them. Be helpful. Be a go-giver. Be the expert and teacher you’ve always wanted to become.

Don’t sell yet. Just engage with people for 14 days.

Invite Into Transformation:

Now we’ve come to the point where you’ve A) consistently shown up for 14 days in a row; B) given an incredible amount of value away for free; C) educated your audience; and D) built credibility and vulnerability via your 14 days of posting so it’s time to MAKE THE ASK.

Don’t expect anyone to just assume you having something to sell or expect them to come out and ask you for help. It’s your responsibility to invite your audience into transformation.

3 Ways To Invite Prospects Into Transformation:

Way #1: Private message every single person who liked, shared and commented to let them know that you’ve put together this package.

Way #2: Publicly promote it on your personal Facebook page

Way #3: Send out emails to your personal email list (family, friends, colleagues) to introduce your business and your offer.

Inviting prospects into transformation isn’t about selling them i.e. buy this or else!

It’s about letting them know that you have a solution to their problem. Anyone who liked, shared or left a comment has a desire to change the way they look and feel otherwise they wouldn’t have taken time to interact with you.

The solution to their problem is the package you are selling. You are helping them.

Remember you only need five people to buy your package at $100 and bam, you’ve made your first $500 and have worked with your first five clients.

Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear all about your success.

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