As a health business owner, it can be hard to know where to invest your time and money in order to grow your business.

At the same time, you’re probably being constantly asked by clients (ahem, friends & family too!) to provide them with meal plans.

But, this is something that can be exceptionally time consuming – of which time is money. Not to mention the fact that you probably don’t even like creating them – because they’re tedious!

It doesn’t seem to matter what your niche is either, people just want meal plans. But, here’s the thing…a meal plan is only as good as your ability to get your client to follow it.

You don’t want to risk having them not follow the plan or not coming back to you for more. So, how do you find that sweet spot of building a solid meal plan + getting them to comply + having them feel successful? (and not spending hours and hours on each one!?)

Meet Abigail Hopkins, the co-founder of That Clean Life, an amazing meal planning platform — both for everyday family use, as well as for business use, specifically for health & wellness professionals.

I sat down with Abigail to talk all about WHY and HOW you should incorporate meal plans into your health business without spending hours of unpaid time creating them from scratch.


Here’s what we cover in our discussion:

  • Abigail’s “head shaking” moments that spurred on the launch of That Clean Life. (It all started with one little e-book of recipes! The idea was then validated and a business was born).
  • The moment of realization when a Nutritionist (and former Registered Nurse!) went from running a nutrition consulting practice to running a tech company
  • Inspiration for people, women especially, to embrace, rather than fear tech
  • How to get started using meal plans in your business for:
    • membership or subscription platforms
    • one-on-one consultations
    • group programs
    • lead magnets
  • Why you don’t have to spend hours customizing your meal plans
  • Why it’s critical to do a meal planning assessment first, before creating anything (does your client really like leftovers? That would be good to know!)
  • How to build plans that are fun, creative and above all else, realistic
  • Recipe creation advice (Hint: simplicity is a big theme)
  • A reminder not to forget the grocery list! This is key to your clients taking action 😉
  • How to increase client compliance and adherence to a meal plan
  • I ask Abigail “as a Health Practitioner, how would I integrate something like this into my business? What would I charge for it, how could I use it most effectively?”

    (Part of her answer was…”if using That Clean Life is costing you money, you’re not using it correctly! It’s not a tool designed to lose you money.” I SIMPLY LOVED THAT!)

  • I also weigh in on what I would do if That Clean Life was around when I was still working as a Nutritionist

“I went to school to be a Registered Nurse and I never in a million years imagined that this is where I’d be. I laugh now when people ask me if I’m still nursing, and I say that I’m in preventative medicine because basically that’s what it is – people need to eat healthier, and this will keep them out of the hospital!”

~ Abigail Hopkins on how she answers the ‘What Do You Do?’ question

Watch the full interview here:

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