Last week I spent a couple days in Los Angeles with twenty 6- to 8-figure business owners. For the first time in my high-level coaching experience, the group was a 50/50 mix of women and men. In fact, the gender balance was one of the first questions I asked Lewis Howes about before I made the decision to join The Greatness Mastermind.

Leading up to the start of the mastermind I began to feel insecure, like I didn’t belong in the group. That my decade of experience building my 7-figure business, 5 years of running events, and the thousands of health practitioners I’ve coached to create and launch their own businesses wasn’t enough when compared to the awesomeness and success of the other people in the room.

I was embarrassed because I only have 2000 followers on Instagram, not 100,000 like some of the other people. I was embarrassed because I don’t do YouTube videos or have brand endorsements. There were so many “I’m not good enough” thoughts running through my head.

Want to know something? Almost every single one of us in that room felt the same way. We all admitted to feeling ‘less than,’ despite having financial success and businesses we’ve grown from nothing.

The difference is that we don’t let those feelings stop us from taking action and moving forward.

I didn’t let my insecurities stop me from joining the mastermind or from fully participating in every second of it. My mindset monsters will never stop me from living my purpose.

Here are 3 things I did to process through not feeling “good enough”:


  1. Reviewed my accomplishments over the past year––personal and financial. It’s always a good exercise to look back and take stock because there will always be a long-ass to-do list you haven’t yet accomplished.

  3. Read #WINS from my students in The Wellness Business Academy. I immediately felt proud and motivated to push myself farther so that I can become a better teacher.

  5. Wrote down 3 ways I could help my new friends in the mastermind. It demonstrated to me that I have a specific area of expertise that is valuable.

So the next time you find yourself stuck in comparison mode or feeling not good enough try practising one of these tips so you can process through it. If you’ve made a No Plan B Commitment to building the business and life of your dreams you don’t get to play small.

Fear and insecurity don’t get to win. Ever.

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Now that January is over, share in the comments below one positive action you took that you are proud of. It’s so important to celebrate our wins. Giving you a virtual high-five.

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