Can you believe another month has come and gone!? It’s August already which means we’ve got a couple more weeks until the second New Year’s hits. Yes, there are two New Year’s in our industry… January (obviously) and September.

Clients tend to go off the rails in the summer – – between the BBQ’s, the cottages, the alcohol, the ice cream and the fruit. September and back to school hits and clients want to ‘get back on the horse’.

In this month’s roundup we’ve culled our favorite motivational videos and songs to help you grind and hustle. And if you’re taking some much needed downtime, these are good things to watch to keep yourself motivated.




Also, if you don’t already know it, I’m a HUGE fan and promoter of email marketing. One of the areas you must prioritize in your business is email list building and communicating with your list on a very regular and consistent basis. Head on over to the WBH blog to read the 3-part series I wrote to help you build your list and create effective content that converts:

Part 1 – What Is The Difference Between Email Marketing And A Newsletter?

Part 2 – How To Craft Sales Funnel Emails That Convert

Part 3 – 3 Copywriting Hacks that Will Increase Client Attraction & Conversion

Lori’s also been doing some interviews ove the past month which you can check out here:

The No Sugar Coating Podcast – Episode 38 hosted by Leanne Vogel & Amber Romiux. In this episode they cover Keto & Your Family, Parenting, Putting Your Health First and Kid-Friendly Keto Recipes. Listen HERE.

The Celebrity Status Entrepreneur Summit, Amy Yamada’s FREE virtual speaker series, featuring influential entrepreneurs. You can learn how they’ve built a loyal and strong following, are making an impact, and living their dream lives every single day! Get access HERE.

Until next month, enjoy your August!

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