We talk a lot about niching around here at The Wellness Business Hub, because it is crucial to your ability to attract and convert your ideal clients and grow a successful business.

In fact, working out your niche is one of the very first steps of the Wellness Business Academy curriculum. Because trying to connect with everyone will water down your message and ultimately lead to you connecting with no one – no good!

I sat down with Kim Vopni to discuss how she has grown multiple businesses focused on a very specialized element of women’s health: the pelvic floor. If you are afraid of narrowing things down too far, Kim (the self-proclaimed Vagina Coach) will turn those thoughts on their head.

Kim founded Pelvienne Wellness in 2004, and it has become a trusted partner of childbirth professionals, physiotherapists and physicians across Canada. It is also committed to providing quality products and services that prevent and help heal core dysfunction.

In 2009, Kim also co-founded Bellies Inc, offering innovative pelvic health products and services to pregnant women as well as new and ‘seasoned’ moms.

Kim herself is a mom of 2 boys, a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Pre/Post Natal Fitness Consultant. She has completed training in the Hypopresive Method and Pfilates (Pelvic Floor Pilates) which provides her with a very unique background.

Here’s what we cover in our discussion:

  • The evolution of how Kim was first known professionally as “The Fitness Doula” and has since stepped into and is absolutely owning her new, powerful title: “The Vagina Coach” — and why every woman needs one!
  • How starting off selling just one product for pelvic floor health became the impetus to running multiple businesses – and how the journey she went through is truly amazing! (Hint: Kegels & Cocktails is part of this journey)
  • Why collaborating with 2 other like-minded business women was critical to starting her 2nd flagship business
  • Why and how all personal brands go through a natural evolution
  • Why she “doesn’t know what she’s doing most days…” and that’s ok.
  • I ask Kim if she experienced any fear or push-back when she started using the V-word as part of her core business messaging – and what is basically her niche (her answer was really interesting!)
  • Sharing her recent “inappropriate” Instagram experience
  • The need to guide her audience through the differences of between being a pelvic floor specialist rather than a “sex coach”
  • Find out what her sons tell people when they’re asked what their Mom does!
  • Normalizing conversations (even with children) around women’s body parts
  • Why a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist (yep, it’s a thing) should be a standard of care for women
  • Why it’s so important when you niche your business (or sub-niche in Kim’s case) that you connect and collaborate with other health professionals that share your target audience, but who aren’t talking about what you’re specifically focusing on, i.e. they may have the same niche, but not the same sub-niche.
  • Why client attraction strategies are part of our job – which sometimes ends up being more trial and error than anything else!

“I talk to women about pelvic health. Being called ‘The Vagina Coach’ just makes everything very simple in terms of what I do, and how I market, and what I say.
It’s the clarity that I’ve looked for, for a long time.”

- Kim Vopni, on owning her title

Watch the full interview here:

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