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The Wellness Business Hub offers health and wellness professionals (AKA entrepreneurs) everything I wish I had access to immediately after I graduated from my holistic nutrition program back in 2007. Maybe it would have saved me the thousands of dollars I spent trying to build my floundering nutrition practice. My mistakes, debt incurred and energy spent is your good fortune…The Wellness Business Hub exists because of it.

Our Story

During my time in nutrition school I would daydream and scheme up these grandiose plans to create wellness centers – -the kind of wellness centers that were all encompassing and included fitness, nutrition, meditation, cooking, product sales… I wanted a freak’n massive center.

I also wanted to start a restaurant chain that was called Sensitivities. It would feature foods for us folks who actually cared about what we ate and couldn’t ever order off a regular menu. Then I had this dream (and still do) of creating a standardized weight loss program that would be offered in every single Doctor’s office across the country.

What I never thought about was getting rich. What I never thought about was my lack of ability, skills and knowledge in business – – sales, marketing and communications in particular.

I did love the daydreams that included weeks away travelling, sitting up at the lake at my big-ass cottage and being able to hire a personal chef to cook for me. I especially loved dreaming up passion projects around starting not-for-profit organizations that would raise funds to support women’s education and eradicate poverty in my community.  

So the ideas and passions were plentiful. Can you relate?

Then I graduated and did what any newly graduated practitioner did prior to living in the new online economy… I rented an office space in a wellness clinic. 

That’s when it happened – – Reality slapped me across the face and basically beat the shit out of me for two years.

Yes, I had a good education and knew a lot about food, digestion, health and holistic living. Yet, I was missing everything else I needed to start up and grow a purpose-driven and financially successful business.

And the worst part about all of it was that I had no idea why all my efforts to get clients never amounted to anything… you don’t know what you don’t know right?  

I was inspired to create The Wellness Business Hub because after years of learning, implementing and running successful offline and online businesses, I recognized that there was a massive gaping hole that health & wellness practitioners (health coaches, energy healers & fit pro’s) fell into directly after graduating from whatever program they’ve just completed.

I fell hard into that deep, dark hole the second I graduated. It took me two years to dig myself out of it and 4 years plus tens of thousands of dollars invested back into myself and my business to finally feel confident and be financially secure.

We built The Wellness Business Hub is for you, so that you would have a place to come to everyday to learn, develop your business systems and mastermind with a community you fit right into – – a group of ambitious and purpose-driven practitioners, healers, coaches and fit pro’s who, like you, want to build the business and life of your dreams.

The Wellness Business Hub fills in that gaping hole.

Look no further, the answers to your questions, plus a side of love, support and motivation can be found right here. It’s time to take inspired daily action and GSD!


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