So you have your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) and you have created this great lead magnet for your new online Health & Wellness practice. You’re excited about the idea of extending your reach and being able to help more people overcome the struggle that you know you can help them resolve.

So now what?

Where do you find these people, or an even better question, how can you put yourself in places where they will find you? (We will get to this shortly.)

Remember the purpose of your lead magnet is to start with the concept of giving value first. Solve your potential client’s immediate pain point by providing a quick and easy solution for their specific issue. Begin the process of growing your KLT(Know, Like & Trust) factor by becoming a valuable resource and an authority in your specific area. This, will be the ultimate force that creates long term clients for you and your business.

By using your lead magnet as your introduction, you establish yourself as an authority in your potential client’s mind. Focus on your specific topic within the niche you have identified as your area of expertise. This is important because you want to differentiate your message from the noise so you stand out, and motivate the new prospect to act.

But how will people get your message? Where will people find your information and how will they become subscribers and ultimately customers/clients?

When you are just starting out you have to find economically feasible (free places) to promote your brand.

Here are 5 free ways to promote your lead magnet and grow your email list.

1) Your Website:

This may seem obvious to some, but I can’t tell you how many clients that we’ve begun working with where their Lead Magnet and Opt Ins are either poorly conceived or poorly displayed on their website. Make it clean, streamlined and well organized and you will see an immediate improvement for your Lead Magnet performance on your website.

Think of a new visitor that comes to your website. How can you make it as easy as possible for them to access your information and become a subscriber and a potential future customer? Make sure you have a logical flow for the visitor, and a super easy opt in for them to download your content.

Two other essentials for having someone optin to your lead magnet from your website is a featured Unique Selling Point (Why should they listen to you) and enticing Calls to Action (ie. Learn More, Get a Free…, Feel Better Now). This encourages your new visitor to engage with you further and thus increase the KLT factor that we have already identified as essential for the growth of your online business.

2) Social Media:

Remember social networking is all about reach. The concept of using your social network is essential to the growth of your online brand. How many levels can your lead magnet reach with the proper promotion? You need to make sure you are reaching the friends of your friends, their friends, and even their friends too, if that makes sense.

Make sure you have branded accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to be sharing your Lead magnet and asking your friends to post and share as well. When your brand, message, and desire to help is shared through social media your list will grow rapidly.

Remember that the proper balance between value and selling is key. Use social media to distribute relevant, helpful information that others will view as useful. Be seen as a resource and an authority on the subject matter which you address and stay within it.

3) Traditional Marketing:

Stay consistent with your traditional forms of marketing. If you create business cards, posters, flyers, or any other type of traditional marketing, always remember to tie it into your online Lead Magnet. Use a, Call to Action, right on the literature “Get a Free… Visit Here”. Remember once someone downloads your online material and has given you their email you then have the opportunity to let them get to know you and recognize you as the authority within your niche. Adding your online call to action on your traditional marketing pieces is an easy way to promote your online brand and practice.

7 Day Lead Magnet & List Building Challenge

4) Join Groups:

The Important thing about joining groups is that you are doing it to establish your authority first. You do this by being helpful, answering people’s questions and demonstrating true knowledge on your subject matter. Provide helpful resources and when appropriate also offer your lead magnet. Be careful, some groups are touchy about self promotion, so make sure to position yourself as trying to help and not trying to sell.

There are many online groups on Facebook and LinkedIn where your ICA hang out. For example if you are targeting new mothers looking to drop the baby weight a group like Pink and Blue might be a good fit.

Or if you are targeting premenopausal and menopausal women for hormonal imbalance you could join a group like The Hot Flashers.

Choose the groups that make the most sense and remember the goal is to extend your KLT factor so you can grow your list as you go.

5) Guest post on popular blogs or industry websites:

Your efforts to establish yourself as an authority are served best by being able to post your blog as a guest, on an authority site that already has viewership in your niche (much like we are doing in this blog).

Make sure to create a unique blog that targets your ICA, uses your unique selling points accompanied by a good call to action. At the end of your post make sure to encourage your readers to download your free lead magnet and follow you on your social media accounts.

Here are a couple of good websites for you to get started with:
How to Submit a Guest Post: Register and create an account and you’ll receive an email with your login details. Articles should be in the news reporting category of diet/fitness or weight loss with at least 600 words. But if your post is not newsworthy, make sure it’s unique. Read the write for us page to get a full understanding of their guidelines.
How to Submit a Guest Post: To find out how to get your article accepted read the ‘write for us’ guidelines. If you’re interested in writing for this blog, email them with some information about yourself. Make sure to include samples of the best articles that you would like to be published on their site. They’re looking for articles on fitness, health or relationships.
How to Submit a Guest Post: Send an email with your guest post topic idea. Alternatively you can create a contributor account and submit your posts for review. The length of your post should be no more than 600 words. You’re allowed 2 promotional links at the end of your posts. Read their guidelines for more details.

Starting your own online practice is both exciting and scary. Use these tips to take a giant leap forward and rapidly accelerate the growth of your online practice. As you have heard many times, “The money is in the list”. Use these tips to grow your list, extend your reach and realize your goals.

Getting it in front of the right audience is essential to the growth of your business.

At ZigiMedia, our profit solvers help clients deliver the perfect message to their ideal audiences with superb timing. Knowing where your Ideal Client Avatar hangs out online and ensuring that they benefit from your offer is the first step that we can help you with.

7 Day Lead Magnet & List Building Challenge

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