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The truth is most health professionals have no idea what they’re actually doing. They’ve just spent a year or four studying health — in different forms. They’ve learned a little bit about a whole lot of things and are left without any clarity about what it is they are supposed to do with that they know.

Then, once they graduate they are left on their own to figure out how to start and grow a practice. So they build a website, create a logo, start a blog, create a lead magnet, buy a done-for-you program and then expect the money to flow in.

But then it doesn’t.

Because no one is reading their blog.
Because no one is commenting on, sharing and liking their social media posts.
Because no one is signing up for their lead magnet.
Because no one is reading their email newsletters.

So they think that it must have something to do with their inability to help people. Then comes more courses on health information that they already know enough about. And more online programs about how to use Instagram and Pinterest.

Except those things don’t help either.

And a year (or two) later they find themselves in debt, burnt out, 20 pounds heavier and completely disappointed in themselves.

As someone who spent almost two years trying to build up a nutrition practice and has since worked with thousands of health coaches, nutritionists, naturopathic doctors and personal trainers I can tell with you with 100% confidence that the reason no one is buying from you has nothing to do with your professional education. You are more than qualified to help people transform their health… even if you are still in school.

So why aren’t people buying from you?

Why aren’t people signing up for your lead magnets?
Why aren’t people reading your extremely well written blogs?
Why aren’t people liking, commenting on and sharing your social media posts?
Why aren’t people showing up to your webinars and discovery sessions?

The short answer is… you are not clearly communicating the specific problem you are solving for them in a way that they understand and FEEL.

In other words… you are too general, too generic, too nice, too professional. But don’t worry, I’m going to give you specific steps that you can use to turn your ‘no one is buying from you’ problem around.

As you take the time to answer the following questions you might get triggered. My big trigger is “who am I to think I can do this” and “do I really have what it takes”. Here’s the thing… the ego likes to keep us safe so these instances of fear and self-doubt are there to keep you in check.

But they are keeping you from owning your awesomeness and they’ve got to go.

Alright, now that we’ve covered that let’s move on.

Build a personal brand.

A common question I get from new health professionals is — “should I use my own name or a business name?”.

Use your own name. You are the professional. You are the brand. You have the expertise. People will refer to you by name. Don’t make them remember your business name.

The reason you need to create your personal brand is because that is what your ideal clients will resonate with. When a prospective client wants to invest in a health service or program they want to do it with the professional — the person, not a generic unknown business.

As I often say, there is no separation between church and state. You are the brand. You solve the problem and people want to pay you to work with you.

Now that we’ve established that… let’s dive into the real reason no one is buying.

Define Your Ideal Clients Problem.

What is the single and specific problem your ideal clients have?

That is what your personal brand is about BTW 🙂 Everything you create is either about the problem or the solution.

When you’re first starting out you might not know what you want to focus on and that’s ok. Just pick something. Seriously. Just pick a single, specific health problem that you can solve.

Your personal brand and interests will change over time so don’t waste too much time trying to decide what to focus on. Just pick something and get started.

There are millions of people googling to find solutions to their specific health problems every single day. What are your ideal clients googling?

Being a hormone expert doesn’t solve a problem. Having a step-by-step 6-week program to banish PMS solves a problem – PMS.

Being a health coach doesn’t solve a problem. Being a health coach who works with clients with underactive thyroid and who want to treat it naturally solves a problem.

Being a naturopathic doctor doesn’t solve a problem. Being an ND who specializes in treating SIBO solves a problem.

And yes, you need to pick ONE problem. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. When you are trying to be the healer of all things, your content is surface level. You can’t go deep because you’re too busy trying to talk to everyone. The result is no one is paying attention.

When I first started my nutrition practice I did all kinds of free talks — on too many different topics. I was a nutritionist — not an expert in weight loss. No one came to my free talks. Only when I started to focus on weight loss and not just any weight loss but weight loss for women who didn’t want to give up popcorn, wine and chocolate did I start to gain traction.

Think about what your potential clients are googling — what specific problem are they trying to find answers and a solution for? All they care about is getting rid of the pain they are experiencing, the faster the better…

How Is The Problem Ruining Their Life?

I know that ruining is a strong word but think of it this way… if they are spending time googling for answers and solutions, the problem is in some way ruining their life. The problem is bad enough for them to want to get rid of it.

To you, as the health professional the problem shows up as symptoms.

But to the person googling… they might not even think of their problem as a ‘symptom(s)’. They might not even realize that all of their symptoms are related to their problem. Their symptoms show up as annoying, painful and unpleasant problems.

Here’s an example– let’s say you want to focus on digestion (which isn’t specific enough). You create content about healing the digestive system. You create a lead magnet called, “Superfoods To Support Better Digestion.”

Except that the person googling is typing in “how to get rid of gas” or “ways to get rid of bloating” or “how to prevent constipation” or “foods to avoid + acid reflux”.

It’s almost like you are speaking two separate languages.

After you define the single, specific problem you are solving “how to get rid of gas and bloating” then you need to understand how gas and bloating are ruining your ideal clients life.


So you can create content that grabs their attention. So you can speak the same language.

Offer The Solution

When you aren’t focused on solving a single, specific problem you can’t offer an enticing, desirable solution. Only when you zone in on the specific problem and communicate it in the same language as your ideal clients will they start to pay attention.

Let’s go back to the digestion example… if your solution is a Better Digestion In 6-Weeks Program it’s unlikely your ideal clients are going to buy it.


Better Digestion doesn’t solve the single, specific problem.

Banish Gas & Bloating 6-Week Program solves the problem.

Problem/Solution = clients and money in the bank.

Remember, you can have multiple programs. You don’t need to shove everything you know into one 6-week program. People can only handle so many changes at one time anyways.

When you are creating the solution (i.e., your service package for their problem) focus on providing the steps they need to do in order to solve that single, specific problem. They don’t care so much about the HOW or the WHY. They want to know WHAT to do — what to eat, what to drink and what to supplement with.

After they start to get some success then they’ll care more about the HOW and the WHY.

As someone who has spent years refining my brand, my ideal client and the problem/solution I provide I can tell you that the more specific you get with this the more sales you make. Focus on defining the single, specific problem you want to solve. Then, spend all of your time creating content that communicates (in the same language as your ideal client) what that problem is and how YOU know how to solve it for them.

Share with me in the comments your experience (or fears) around getting specific in your business. What is stopping you from focusing on a single, specific problem and solution?

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