How to go from 1:1 service packages and coaching to group coaching in your health business and health programs with Lori Kennedy from The Wellness Business Hub on The Business of Becoming Podcast.

Oct 8, 2018 | 12 comments

Here’s what I need you to know…Making money as a health coach, nutritionist, licensed practitioner or fit pro is possible. I know you might be feeling defeated but it’s totally possible. I’ve done it and I’ve helped thousands of other health and wellness professionals do it too through group coaching.

It’s possible if you focus on moving away from 1:1 service packages as your main offering (save it for your high ticket VIP clients) and adding in a group coaching program. It’s not your fault if you didn’t know this was an option. It’s not the model that is taught in most institutions or certification programs. But it’s time for you to focus instead of following the herd that are all doing random things and not making any money or having any impact.

You already know enough to help people. You don’t need to invest more time or energy in more nutrition or health certifications. The bottom line is really this… If you want to build a money-making health transformation business, you need to have a signature, group coaching program that features your PROVEN methodology that solves ONE painful problem for your ideal clients.

I know how it feels to be working your ass off and barely paying your bills. I’m not going to promise that you’ll be making 6 figures in 90 days. That’s not realistic. But I do know in my bones if you follow this system and commit to the process you CAN make money using a signature group coaching program.

In This Episode I Share…

  • The difference between the 1:1 coaching model vs. a signature, group coaching program
  • The importance of solving ONE problem with your signature methodology
  • Why it’s important to be known for something
  • Why focus and attention are the name of the game and where to direct yours
  • A reminder that you are learning as you go. Committing to mastery and sticking with it are important
  • Where to find the formula you need to follow to create your own signature, group coaching program
Free Live Training with Lori Kennedy - How to Create a Signature Group Coaching Program for your Health Business

Listen to Episode 60 below:

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Free Live Training with Lori Kennedy - How to Create a Signature Group Coaching Program for your Health Business

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