Let me tell you a little story… it takes place on a random weekday back in 2009. It includes the word ‘hobby’ and how a ‘failure’ can turn into the best thing to ever happen to you.

Once upon a time, I had a beautiful office inside a busy chiropractic office. My business cards, brochures and website were on point. My intake forms were neatly organized and my free seminar flyers were displayed everywhere they possibly could be.

But… there were no clients breaking down the door to work with me as I had assumed there would be while I was in school. I knew I could help people, so where were they?

Cue the CRICKETS… and the overwhelm and questioning of whether this was really for me.

After a particularly quiet day, I rushed home to see my daughter and then-husband and the first thing out of his mouth was, “So, how’s your hobby-business going?”

Sadly, I had to terminate my rental agreement because it was draining my bank account in ways I wasn’t prepared for. The pressure to carry the rent from month to month was just too much… ya know because of my mortgage and my 1 year old.

So I went back to the gym I was a personal trainer at before I became an RHN — feeling like a big ass failure.

Roman philosopher Seneca said, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”. I don’t believe in *LUCK*. I believe that when you chose to take action, even if that action is a pivot you are rewarded.

It was at that gym where I created my first signature program that has earned me over ½ a million dollars in revenue over the years.

What I didn’t realize then, was that I didn’t fail… not even close. Being at that chiro clinic wasn’t the place for me to learn what I needed so I could progress and move forward in my career.

And now it’s my mission to teach other health and wellness experts how to create signature programs of your own.


So what exactly is a signature program anyway?

Really, a signature program is something that your business is known for, so if we look at what a health and wellness business is, it’s made up of revenue streams. For example, too many people sell one off consultations, like single sessions. That is a revenue stream.

Supplements are a revenue stream. Workshops, paid workshops are a revenue stream, so having different levels of signature programs in your business are revenue streams.

They make up your business, so without having a program or something to sell, you don’t actually have a business. You might have a brand, but you don’t have a business.

Whether you work offline or online. Whether you’re a nurse, a physio, an MD, a health coach, or a trainer, or something else, I want you to think about the totality of your business like this;


  • What are the different levels of revenue streams that you can offer in your business for someone who’s one foot in, one foot out?
  • Then, someone who’s serious?
  • And then someone who wants to take it completely to the next level?

I call this the ascension model. And so, at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of your clients as they journey through their transformation, you want to have a signature program for them at every level.

Your signature program could be a one day workshop. It could be a 30 day quick start. It could be a 12-week or 6 month program. What it actually is doesn’t matter so much, as long as it matches where the client is at in that part of their journey.

Essentially a signature program is a predetermined piece of content. It’s a curriculum or learning journey, that spans X number of days, that solves a singular problem and provides a transformation.**

**[SIDE NOTE]: This is why I encourage you to get away from selling one off consultations. A singular consultation cannot solve a singular problem and provide a transformation, because it doesn’t provide enough time. It’s not helpful for you in terms of building a revenue stream and it’s not helpful for the client because all it does, really, is serve to overwhelm them, and then they have one more script in their mind as to why they can’t have the transformation that they so badly want.**

The first step to creating a signature program is to determine – What is the singular problem that your signature program solves? The key here is singular problem – not 9 problems! When we do our Wellness Business Academy group coaching calls, I spend a lot of time reviewing sales pages and opt-ins and content. And so often what I see on the sales page is like nine different promises. For example… In 30 days or less, we’re going to improve your energy. You’re not going to be bloated anymore. You’re going to lose weight. You’re going to sleep through the night. You’re going to feel calm. You’re going to reduce anxiety. That’s all being promised in 30 days or six weeks, and we know that is not freaking possible. Right?

With your signature program, the key component to its success is that you start with knowing the singular problem that it solves. And therefore, what is the outcome that the client can expect to achieve? How are they going to feel physically and how is it going to help them improve the quality of their life from an emotional perspective?

I know you have SO much information in your brain and you really want to help people…but you can’t include everything you know and the kitchen sink into a 6 week program…you will only overwhelm your clients and then you both lose. And remember, it’s taken you much longer than 6 weeks to transform your own life and know what you know now.

If you are having trouble determining what singular problem to focus on, think of it this way…

What is the problem that your potential clients are Googling? Because you know they are. What are they typing into the search engine? It’s likely not, “How to improve digestion” or “How to improve my squat” or “How to balance my hormones.” Nope, they are Googling things like – Why am I so gassy? How to get Beyonce’s butt? Why do I still have zits when I’m over 40?

After I left the chiro clinic and went back to the gym, I created the signature program called Wow Weight Loss that I used in my practice full-time for seven years, I was known as The Wow Girl. I was known as, “Oh, you’ve got to go see that Wow Girl. She’s going to help you lose weight.” That’s what I was known as. I had one program in my business, I didn’t realize at the time that I was creating a signature program but that’s what it was. My business was that program, and I manipulated it to be able to do a 30 day challenge, a six week program, eight weeks, 10 week groups, one on ones. I had one program that I used for seven years that I continuously just sold people into, and I manipulated it based on how I wanted to run it and that’s what I want for you too.

That’s what gives you success, and relieves the overwhelm and gets you out of constant creation mode – creating your signature program and running it over and over and over again.

I’ve launched the Wellness Business Academy seven times. It’s a signature program. I’m going to continue to do it. That’s what a signature program is. It is the crux of your business. It is the thing that you focus on. It is the curriculum, six weeks, 12 weeks, 30 days, whatever it is, that you take clients through that solves a singular problem, and provides a transformation that they want.

Who exactly needs a signature program? YOU do.

If you want to have a successful business. It doesn’t matter if you work offline. It doesn’t matter if you can’t legally even sell packages. There’s a way to position it and get the commitment from the client and charge them as they go, but if you want to have true time freedom, and if you want to make money without constantly feeling like you’re a content creating machine, and you want to grow a community of really like a tight knit community, then you need to dial into one problem. And then, build out a curriculum of offerings that solves it.

Still not clear? Check out this Live training I did in our FREE Online Community where I coached health professionals on narrowing down their offering and finding clarity.

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