EPISODE 22 | The Simplest Way To Remove Money Blocks For Good

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I know I’m pretty biased… but this episode is GOOD!! We’re talking about money blocks this week and while that may already be making you uncomfortable or you’re thinking “I don’t have money blocks”, I challenge you to listen anyway.

Working on your relationship to money is some of the most important work you as an entrepreneur will do and like with most self-improvement there is always a new layer to peel back and dive even deeper.

If you struggle with charging for your services, are giving the farm away for free, are having trouble seeing consistent and real growth in your business – checking in around your relationship to money is key!   

I invited Amber Dugger to join me to dive into the topic of money blocks and how you can recognize that you have them and how to start working through them.. I share some of the blocks and triggers I’ve had around money in the past and continue to bump up against and Amber walks us through the 5 steps of her Budget Alchemy program that will give you practical steps to start working on this for yourself to create more space for abundance and impact in your life and business.

I had SO many personal a-ha moments during this conversation, I’m sure you will too.

More About Amber:

Amber Dugger is the founder of Budget Alchemy and helps health coaches and service based online entrepreneurs with their money headaches, and increase the profit potential. She thrives on encouraging and empowering others in achieving clarity with their numbers and discovering the true purposes behind their money goals. She is a certified health coach from IIN, and worked in corporate finance for 15 years before venturing out on her own in 2015.

She is a mastery level Profit First Professional and loves reverse engineering the Profit First system and combine it with a powerful cash flow tool called YNAB (You Need a Budget) to make it easy to understand and implement for solopreneurs.

Check out Amber’s Budget Alchemy Challenge or connect with her on social media on Facebook or Instagram and be sure to join her amazing Facebook Group too!


Listen to Episode 22 below:


In this Episode We Talk About …

  • What exactly money blocks are and how to recognize them
  • How money blocks happen in the first place
  • The idea that money is merely a tool to have a greater impact on the world
  • SO many awesome books we’ve found helpful – see links to them all below
  • What the Profit First Method is and how it’s helped me in my business and can help you in yours too
  • The core issue that leads to most money blocks and how that is some of the most important work you’ll do as a business owner
  • The 5 steps in Amber’s Budget Alchemy program and how you can apply them to your life and business.

Things We Mention In This Episode:


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Let’s Keep The Conversation Going…

I’d love to hear from you… Amber and I mentioned a lot of different books and resources that have helped us work through our own money blocks, let me know below what book made an impact on you!

Share below the strategies that you use and have found successful when it comes to budget and money. You can also join my free online community to connect with more than 6000 other health practitioners just like you to ask questions, share wins and struggles and get lots of support from me and my team! I hope to see you there.

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