In this blog post I’m going to give you a very specific list of tasks to stop doing and mindset blocks to overcome them, PLUS a detailed list of the tasks that I would focus on if I were just starting out.

There are only 24 hours in a day. And if you’re anything like me you only have about 90 minutes to 2 hours of real, quality, creative brain power a day where you can get into the flow and genuinely focus.

Yes, there is so much to do. There will always be a long list of things you want to do and achieve. It might always feel like you’re moving at a snail’s pace if you are focusing your time on the wrong things.

It’s my job to help you cut through the B.S. and the noise — and tell you what to focus on.

In order to focus on the action tasks you need to do we first need to make time for them… because after all, there’s only 24 hours in a day.

There’s no magic number of hours you should be working on your business. What I do know for sure is that there are important actions you should be taking every day to grow your business which I’ll share below in the STOP DOING list.




Stop Building Your Own Website

Stop. Just stop. If you don’t have the money to outsource this to web developers who can build you a WordPress website then hold off on creating a website until you do. You are not a web designer and those free website builders suck. You will waste so much time fiddling with your website that no one will find or go to anyways (don’t shoot the messenger) until you have an audience (don’t shoot the messenger).

You do not need a website. Most people are consuming content on social media. Stay on the platforms where your people are already hanging out.

Use your Facebook business page as a website until you have at least $2,500 to build a website that will do it’s job — collect leads and sell.

Everything your potential clients need to know can be added to your Facebook business page.


Stop Signing Up For Free Trainings (even mine)

I know you want to learn. I know you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing… from both a client and business perspective. I know it feels scary.

Are you implementing what you are learning or are you just consuming more and more free content?

Are you consuming content that is too advanced for you? Are you consuming content in the hopes that you’ll find the ‘magic pill’ answer to making money?

What if instead of watching a free webinar, you used that time to write a blog post or video scripts? Would that be a more productive use of your time?

If you aren’t implementing what you’re learning then please hold off on learning more until you’re actually doing what you know you need to do (which I outline below).


Stop Using The Word Overwhelmed

Do you believe that what you focus on magnifies?

Do you believe that your thoughts dictate your reality?

Below is a screenshot from Google with different definitions for the word overwhelmed.

Do you want to move through the next couple of years feeling like you’re drowning?

That’s not fun. Building your business is exciting. Sure, there’s lots to do… you are a CEO running a company. There will always be lots to do.

What if you lowered your expectations? Could it be that you are overwhelmed because you are tied to a particular outcome? Can you let the outcome go?


Stop Waiting To Ask For Help

Life is busy. If you are a parent (specifically a mom) then I urge you to ask for help. I urge you to stop taking it all on yourself and ask for support. Or stop complaining that you don’t have enough time (again, don’t shoot the messenger).

When I was building my very first online program which is now The Weight Loss Coach Training & 12-Week Done-For-You Program my son Daniel was 3 months old.

Every morning I left the house for 2 hours to go to a coffee shop and work. I could only do it first thing in the morning because after that I was too tired and couldn’t think.

You need dedicated time to work on your business — especially if you work full time.

How do you get more time to work on your business?

You take Saturday mornings from 7-10am off — someone else watches the kids. You wake up at 5:00am. You hire a babysitter two nights a week. You get other people to do the household stuff.

You ask for help. There’s always a way… get creative.

How would it feel to swap the guilt for feelings of empowerment? What if instead of feeling bad about asking for help you take a stand for yourself, your clients and your dreams.


Stop Asking For Permission To Spend Money

I was $65,000 in debt for 2 years while I growing my online business. And I’d do it again in a heartbeat. That’s what credit cards are for 🙂

The only reason not to invest in yourself and your business is if you don’t really believe you’re going to be successful. I had no idea what my success would look like but I knew in my bones that I was going to be able to pay back my debt and live an abundant life.

You are starting a business — that requires money. The best part is you don’t even need to spend a lot of money anymore to start your own business. I’ve listed out below what you should be spending money on.


Stop Saying You Don’t Understand Tech

Technology is your friend. While you shouldn’t be building your own website or designing your own graphics you should have an understanding of what specific tech platforms can do for you.

You wouldn’t put someone on a liver detox without first understanding how the liver works right?

There are people you can and should hire to help you implement the tech but as the CEO it’s your responsibility to give direction. Instead of signing up for free trainings use that time to watch the platform tutorials so you get an understanding of how it works.

If you know you need to use a platform — like Active Campaign for email marketing, then as the CEO it’s your job to understand how it works and then delegate to someone else to implement.


Stop Waiting for Perfection

Stop waiting for the right time. Stop waiting for ‘it’ to be perfect. Stop waiting to have more experience. Stop waiting until you feel confident. Stop waiting to get permission.

Stop waiting. Start doing. Even if it’s shit — which it might be for a while.

You will WIN faster if you stop waiting and just put it out there. Get feedback. Make it better next time.

Ok, now that we’ve covered the 7 STOP DOING things let’s focus on what you should be doing instead, which, of course will depend on where you are in your business building journey.

Keep in mind that I’m giving you action items… a checklist, so to speak, of things you should have and things I think you should be focusing on. These are not absolutes.




Define The Transformation (Outcome)

Clients aren’t looking for more information. They are in information overload (just as you are).

Clients are looking for a transformation. They want outcomes and will happily pay for them.

What outcomes can you provide and how will those outcomes improve their quality of life?

Clients want to be told what to do in order to get the outcomes. Yes, they need to understand why they are doing what you recommend, but first and foremost they need to be told what to do.

They want the steps, not the pdf’s.

So, what outcomes can you provide? Defining the outcomes that you provide will help you focus on finding your niche and ideal client. Also, having a list of outcomes and the positive benefits of them should give you loads of content ideas for your emails, blogs and videos.


Educate and Entertain

Here’s something that might blow your mind: before you communicate the solution you need to define the problem. Most prospective clients aren’t solution oriented at the point of first contact. Yes, they’re searching for a solution BUT only because they want to move away from pain.

Read that again please 🙂

Here’s an example to demonstrate what I mean:

5 Reasons Why You’re Bloated — defining the problem

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Bloating — solution oriented

If they don’t understand why they are bloated in the first place then it’s going to be hard for them to buy into and comply with the ways to get rid of bloating.

Let’s take it one step further……if they don’t like you and believe you ‘get them’, they won’t consume your content.

Before you even capture leads… lay the ‘edu-taining’ ground work.

Define the problem.

Let them know you understand and have been there.

Share the solution.

Do it over and over again using blogs, videos, Facebook Live’s, Instagram stories and any other platforms your potential clients hang out…


Capture Leads

This is critical to your ability to grow a financially thriving health practice online or in clinic/gym/etc.. You need a prospect list AKA your email list.

You can capture leads using a variety of strategies: PDF lead magnet, discovery call, webinar, video series, audio series or a free talk…

Do you have a lead magnet that is capturing prospects’ contact info whom want the outcomes you provide?

This is more important than your website or your online scheduler or your logo.

Without a lead capture system you don’t have a pool of prospects to educate, entertain and sell to.

The lead magnet should provide a quick outcome… it should provide some relief from the pain.

It doesn’t need to give away the entire solution but it should help the client to feel better so that they can see it’s possible and that you’re the person who has the solution.



Do you have a structured sales process?

Do you have a system that makes the connection between symptoms (physical and/or emotional), the root cause and the solution?
You can do this with email, video or audio but you need this process. Before you invite a client into transformation you need to demonstrate that you understand what they are going through — how the symptoms affect their life and why they desire to move away from pain.

They will have a massive AHA moment when you connect the dots between how they feel and the root cause. They will automatically view you as the expert.

Then it’s your duty to invite them into transformation. Otherwise you leave them hanging.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a finished program. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never seen a client before… you’ve gotta start somewhere.


Let me do a check in with you now…

  • Do you have a list and a description of the transformation (outcomes) that your service or program provides?

  • Do you have a couple of blogs and videos that educate on the reasons how and why your potential clients are unwell?

  • Do you have a couple of blogs and videos that give steps to move away from pain?

  • Do you have ONE lead magnet that you can send prospect to?

  • Do you have a structured sales process that further educates, builds rapport and sells?

This is it… these are the tasks that you focus on.

And you only need four tech platforms to do this:

Active Campaign – email marketing platform

Click Funnels – funnel platform

Calendly – online calendar

PayPal – online merchant

Stripe – online merchant

So what is stopping you from focusing?

Go back and read the STOP DOING list. Then schedule time in your week to work through the Success Path checklist.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments… where are you in your business building journey and what’s stopping you from moving forward?

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