Sometimes doing the right things in the right order can make all the difference to your success and sanity.

One of the biggest challenges health professionals share with us, is the problem of not knowing where to start with their Tech. They struggle because they don’t know what they need, what they don’t need, what can wait, and the order of operations they should follow..

When you do things in the right order it saves you time, but many health professionals we speak to also hold full-time jobs so using your time wisely (effective efficiency) can make a world of difference as you get things going. In fact, we’ve built out a step-by-step roadmap to help you conquer your tech called the “OCC Method”.

Does this sound familiar? You just finished a long tech task only to realize that you should have done another step first resulting in you having to go back later and redo all the work you just did. You know… setting up your email program or maybe an opt-in page?

We’ve all been there and It sucks and it’s frustrating.

Your time is limited. If you only have 10-15 hours a week to spend on your business, those mistakes can put you weeks behind. Having structure and order on how you do things will give you the confidence and clarity to get your tech out of the way quicker so you can work on the things you enjoy working on.

Here’s what we suggest to get started on when building your practice online:

Step 1: Set Up Your Online Properties

First, you’ll want to purchase a domain name and take the steps to set up your online social media profiles.

These are some of the tasks that would fall under this category:

    • Choose a business name and make sure it’s available as a domain and on all social media platforms We love the tool it will do a search for your domain name and all social media profiles which is pretty awesome.
    • Buy your Domain name
    • Set Up Social Profiles (Facebook Page, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube)

Purchase hosting for your WordPress Website (optional if you’re building a website)

  • Claim your Facebook URL

Step 2: Setup your Email and Organization Systems with a Google Apps Account

The next important set of tasks you’ll need to do is to setup your business email address and folders where you’ll keep your business files organized.

We recommend using Google Apps which allows you to set up your own email address at your domain. It also gives you access to other Google App services like Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Sheets (Excel). These tools will save you a ton of time and are a much better option then doing everything on your own computer using a software like Microsoft Office.

The bonus is that eventually, you’ll need to outsource some tasks and Google Drive nailed the sharing functionality between teams making it easy for you to share and collaborate on your resources with other members of your team.

Make sure you scratch these tasks off your list:

  1. Get a business email and setup Google Apps (you can thank me later)
  2. Create your Google Drive folders
  3. Create your Business Project Folders

In Google drive you can create folders and subfolders to store your various business files. How you set up this folder and sub folder structure is totally dependant on how you want to keep things organized.

Step 3: Create your Business Roadmap

Now it’s time to work on defining a clear problem you solve. One that you are passionate about and can talk about all day.

This will help you define a niche, get clear on your marketing message and creating your value ladder of products and services you’ll offer.

Take a leap of faith and trust us when we say the branding aspect of your business is something you’ll revisit later on as you solidify the “vibe” of your business.

Spend some time thinking about the products and the Signature program you’ll offer.

In the early days, it might look like this:

  • Lead magnet (PDF download, Webinar, Challenge etc)
  • Your Signature Program
  • Your 1:1 services

Keep in mind that you’ll always be able to expand on your product offers as your business evolves.

Step 4: Create your Funnel

Lori Kennedy is constantly reminding you, that building your list, creating your funnel and selling your signature program is how you are going to make money as a health coach. As a result, this is where you’ll spend most of your time. Creating your program, building your opt-in pages, sales pages and connecting software to work together is where you need to focus your time as you get things off the ground.

Here are some activities we recommend you do:

  1. Create an Outline of your signature program
  2. Create your Lead Magnet from a piece of your program (e.g. a handout, blueprint, challenge, checklist)
  3. Create your Lead Magnet funnel so that you can collect targeted leads while building your signature program
  4. Work on building your Signature Program
  5. Beta test your Signature program to your list
  6. Create a webinar or a live challenge for your launch
  7. Continuously improve and refine your funnel

Lori’s free online community – Take Your Health Practice Online and The Wellness Business Academy is the perfect place to get your content and strategy down for creating and launching your online funnel. After speaking with the most successful WBA alumni, we know following the plan Lori lays out and implementing it effectively is the major factor which determines their success.

Step 5: Set up your Tech Systems

Little by little as you build your funnel, you’ll need to choose the tech pieces that will help you set it all up.

Here are the systems you’ll need to put in place from the get-go:

  1. Setup your Email Marketing System by choosing your Email Marketing Platform for your email marketing (we recommend ActiveCampaign)
  2. Setup your Page Builder System (we recommend ClickFunnels)
  3. Setup your Payment System so that you can collect payments (we recommend Stripe or PayPal)
  4. Setup your Design System. We love using Canva it’s quick, easy and free to help you design beautiful graphics for your program)
  5. Create your Amazon S3 account to store and share your content

If you’re interested to learn more about which Tech tools to use when you’re just starting out then you may want to listen to this Podcast I recently did with Lori here.

Step 6: Create a Basic Website

It’s important to make note that you don’t need a website to launch your signature program. This is something a lot of people in the Wellness Business Academy get hung up on, in fact I wrote a blog about the topic called The 3 Reasons You Don’t Need a Website Before You Launch Your Online Program.

If you do decide to launch a website then we do give you fair warning that starting a website can drag you in a never ending rabbit hole of design. It’s helpful to remember that your website is a tool and its purpose changes depending on the stage of where your business is at. While not entirely necessary right from the get-go it is something you should think about.

A basic website with a few pages is all you need to get started. We do urge you to resist the temptation to invest a lot of time or money in building an extravagant website at first. Trust us when we say that your website will evolve with you.

The last thing you want is to spend hours and hours on a website only to realize that you’ll have to redo because the mood, colours, ICA (Ideal Client Avatar) or message has changed along the way.

If you’re looking to build a website then we recommend WordPress for our clients.

When setting up a WordPress websites some of the things you’ll want to consider include:

  1. Purchasing web hosting
  2. Install your WordPress website
  3. Install and customize your WordPress theme (we love Divi)
  4. Create a Home, About me, Work with me, Services, Blog Contact Me pages

WordPress has come a long way and is used by millions of people. It’s easy and flexible to use and you don’t have to be a coder to make simple changes to your website.


Although it might seem overwhelming to try to tackle all these things at once.

Don’t do that.

Break these steps down into actionable tasks and do them one at a time. Your business will take shape before you know it.

It’s important to remember that your business and focus will change multiple times as you set out on this journey and it’s important to remember…that’s ok.

The path to success is never a straight line but when you have the proper guidance, coaching and support in your corner it can help you get there much quicker.

About the Author


As Co-Founder of ZigiMedia and the Tech Mentorship for Health & Wellness Professionals, Joey believes a successful business is about building mutually beneficial relationships between companies and their customers. Using this philosophy, he is able to take a big-picture approach of his client’s business’ to design and implement effective growth strategies.

Joey has over 8 years experience in sales & strategic advertising. He helps his clients by combining time-tested sales methodologies with modern digital marketing tools and techniques.

When Joey is not building long-term relationships with his clients, you can find him reading business and personal development books and blogging at

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