It was May 2011. I was 3 months postpartum. I was a sweaty, leaky, tired mess. But I had publicly announced that I was going to host a workshop so I couldn’t back out, even though I so badly wanted to.

In the year leading up to this point my group weight loss program was being facilitated in 4 gyms. I was earning a full-time income working only a couple hours a week. Naturally word started to spread and other nutritionists wanted to know what I was doing — so I decided to teach them.

A colleague and friend of mine (Lorene) had a small list of students she had taught. She sent an email. I closed people on the phone as I paced back and forth with my son who wouldn’t ever nap.

I collected payment via Paypal.

I ran my first ever webinar based group program via Citrix Go To Webinar.

I made about $7,000 and change.

This was before I spent $20,000 on a high-level mastermind. This was before I had any idea what I was doing, before Facebook groups existed, before I knew who Marie Forleo or Russell Brunson was and before I even knew that running a business on the internet was a thing people did.

But… it was after I made my no Plan B Commitment to transform my business and life.

So I’ve been launching online programs since 2011. Since then I’ve personally coached hundreds of health experts to create and launch their own programs online too.

I love launching. It’s a bit of a geeky thing to say, but it’s true. I love everything about it.

The planning, the strategizing, all of the moving pieces, the content, the creativity of it, the technology, the selling, the engaging, the motivating and especially the rush of making sales when you’re sitting in your PJ’s on the couch watching Netflix. It’s kinda addictive.

Launching online programs has afforded me the time and financial freedom to enjoy a ‘different’ kind of life — a life where I get to decide what I’m doing each and every day. A life where I can create money on demand. A life where I get to impact thousands of people’s lives without ever having to leave my house.

Sounds dreamy right?

Creating a business that affords you time and financial freedom is possible but it doesn’t happen overnight. Not even close — no matter what Tai Lopez says.

Yet it’s 100% possible as long as you have the right systems in place AND you become OBSESSED with the marketing and selling of your programs. Because that’s what it takes — guts, obsession, passion and a relentless mindset.

In this blog post I’m going to break down:

What a launch is.

The 4-phases of launching.

3 big launch mistakes.

What Is A Launch.

Most people use the word launch to refer to the entire marketing campaign (all of the phases) for a product or service. Or they use the term launch to refer to the start of their program.

Technically, a launch is a dedicated period of time where the shopping cart is open — when sales of a product, program or service are actually occurring. During the launch is when transactions and enrolments happen.

So pre-launch is the dedicated period of time BEFORE the shopping cart is open that is usually used to educate, build rapport, nurture and prime prospects to get them ready to convert into clients and customers.

And post launch is the dedicated period of time AFTER the shopping cart is closed where you can evaluate how the launch went.

The 4-Phases Of Launching.

In the Facebook LIVE video I describe 3-phases of launching… I didn’t add in the prep phase which is really the first phase so keep that in mind when you are watching the video.
Phase 1: Launch Prep

Phase 2: Pre-Launch

Phase 3: Live Launch

Phase 4: Post Launch

Before I dive into the 4 different launch phases, let me just say that you can and should create a marketing style launch campaign to sell 1:1 service packages, events, VIP days, online programs and membership sites.

Launching creates excitement and usually involves a deadline which motivates people to buy. It’s important to includes some type of psychological sales trigger like scarcity or urgency to get people to take action, especially when they are investing in things they believe are hard or challenging like changing their lifestyle habits.


Phase 1: Launch Prep

This is where 80% of the work is done which is why it’s so important to plan ahead. For the first couple of launches I did I was writing emails the morning they needed to be sent out which means the copy was horrible and there were loads of spelling mistakes. Mind you… I still made sales so it wasn’t all bad.

During the launch prep phase you’ll:

  • Confirm Important Launch and Pre-Launch Dates
  • Acquire and Set-up New/Existing Tech Platforms
  • Organize Launch Docs and Set Up Admin Backend
  • Confirm Client Policies and Procedures
  • Recruit and Train Launch Team
  • Setup Digital Properties and Domains


Phase 2: Pre-Launch

This period is usually 2 weeks to a month before you launch (open the shopping cart). It’s used to grow your email list, nurture your community and “edu-tain” them. You are not selling anything during this phase. You’re getting them excited and ready to buy so that when you transition into live launch mode they’ll be waiting to enroll.

[Note]: If you can do the content work in the launch prep phase you’ll feel so much less stressed.

During the pre-launch phase you’ll:

  • Write/Publish Pre-Launch Content
  • Design Pre-Launch Content
  • Setup, Test and Schedule Pre-Launch Content
  • Schedule Social Media Content
  • Setup Facebook Ads
  • Engage


Phase 3: Live Launch

Cha-ching baby! This is when you open the shopping cart and start to make transactions. Typically a launch has a start and end date, usually 7 days to 3 weeks depending on the price of the program or service.

During the live launch you could be hosting webinars, Facebook LIVE’s, sending emails and promoting on social media. This period is dedicated to selling.

During the live launch phase you’ll:

  • Setup and Test All Sales and Checkout Pages
  • Write Live-Launch Content
  • Design Live-Launch Graphics
  • Setup, Test and Schedule Sales Conversion Email Sequence
  • Schedule Social Media Content
  • Setup Facebook Ads
  • Engage
  • Monitor, Check-in and Adjust

Phase 4: Post Launch

Annnnd you made it through your launch. Congratulations! The post launch phase starts the minute you close the shopping cart. This is where you can thank your subscribers and send out a survey to assess why people didn’t buy and how you can best serve them.

It’s also a time to celebrate, regardless of the results, because holy-moly!… You launched your program, product or service and that is something to be celebrated.

During the post launch phase you’ll:

  • Setup Redirects
  • Send A Survey
  • Evaluate
  • Celebrate

I know that launching feels overwhelming because there are 1000 moving parts and sometimes you’re trying to finish your program and launch at the same time. I’ve certainly been there… too many times to count, so I get it.

Launching is fun and exciting. It’s likely part of your business model so it’s best that you learn the phases and what’s included in each of them.


3 Big Launch Mistakes

These mistakes are things that I’ve learned from launching my own programs and services over the last couple of years. I am a ladyboss who walks her talk — I still launch programs several times a year.


Mistake # 1: Not Having a Deadline.

Most people with online businesses or programs think that having a ‘work with me page’ that describes their program is good enough — that it will convert into sales. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that’s not typical.

Unfortunately, people need a hard deadline to take action. So when they see that they can enroll at any time they’ll put it off. Sure you’ll get some low hanging fruit… but you want consistent sales and in order to do that you need to motivate people to take action by having a deadline.


Mistake # 2: Focusing Too Much on Making Sales

You launch a program or service because you want to help people. So when your focus is on “will this work” or “what if nobody buys” instead of sharing your knowledge and genuine passion it takes away from the Purpose — the whole reason you created the program or service which is to ultimately help people transform their lives.

So instead of worrying about whether or not people buy, try to focus on the transform they will receive from working with you. You will make sales when your passion shines through and when you clearly communicate the value of your offer.


Mistake # 3: Not having a launch plan

I am all for winging it. I’ve done that many times in my business and it usually ends up costing me more money than it would have if I just invested in learning how to do the thing I wanted to do in the first place.

Not having a launch plan is like asking the GSP so take you somewhere without typing in the final destination. You won’t be able to get the turn-by-turn directions if you don’t have a final destination.


Let my 55-page fillable launch plan be your guide — it gives you the turn-by-turn directions you need to get your program, product or service launched with minimal breakdowns.

Tell me the date you plan to launch your program or service in the comments below… we’ll hold you accountable!

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