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Do you ever feel like you just can’t say that… what will people think?

How many times a day do you have ideas and then talk yourself out of it?

How many times do you blame your current business and financial situation on a tech problem or a lack of time problem or a lack of support problem or a lack of funds problem?

Do you ever feel like being so incredibility selfish with your time so that you can just get stuff done without interruption?

Here’s the dark side of business that no alternative health practitioner will likely ever fess up to because its’ not holistic or balanced or spiritual or whatever…

If you want to achieve success (as uniquely defined by you) then you have to accept that you must live life on your own terms and throw all the rules about how you are supposed to live your life out the freaking window.

If you want to wake up every single day and play full out while sitting in your zone of genius living your purpose… the reason you were put on this earth then you have to accept you must live life on your own terms.

If you want to have the kinda life where you get to do what you want when you want because you have the money to do it and the freedom to really work from anywhere anytime then you have to accept you must live life on your own terms.

I’ll share with you what living life on your own terms me in a minute…

For years I felt guilty.

I felt guilty about wanting to work on my business more than I wanted to do anything else which some days includes being with my children.

I feel the need to disclaim that I deeply love my children. I love being a mother. I’ve accepted to living life on my own terms, which means I get to be with my kids and be fully present whenever I want without rushing around to do a million things that distract me from being present with them.

I felt guilty about wanting to work when my husband takes downtown.

I felt guilty about demanding that no one talk to me between the hours of 5:00am – 7:00am every single morning while I write.

I felt guilty (and afraid) about stepping into my unique power as an ambitious, powerful, focused and very feminine entrepreneur.

I felt guilty that I would overpower my husband because I’m the breadwinner and he does the laundry and the grocery shopping.

Until one day when I literally said FUCK IT.

(I used to feel guilty about swearing too).

My digestive system was a mess. I was exhausted from living my half-truth. I was annoyed and angry because I knew I wasn’t giving my life my all.

I was going to drown inside my body if I didn’t wake up and claim who I really am and starting presenting myself fully to the world.

I am ambitious, focused, selfish and a workaholic who cares viscerally about living my life on my own terms and teaching you how to do the same so you can serve whatever purpose you are meant to.

Because I am all of these things I’ve gone from zero income to multiple six figures in a little under 3 years.

My husband has quit his 12-hour a day job. We now work together to grow our shared vision – the one that intertwines our work and personal life because they are to us one in the same.

I’ve launched half a dozen programs in the last 18 months alone that has helped hundreds of alternative health practitioners around the globe move forward in their business.

I’ve been published in print and online.

I’ve created businesses courses for some of the most prominent teaching institutions in Canada.

I’ve learned to say no to doing things that I don’t really want to do, which frees up several hours a week for me to create more content for you so you can better your own life.

I ignore phone calls, text messages and during the day conversations with everyone including my mom so I can stay focused and on task which makes me money.

I demand to be left alone on Tuesday’s when I block off 8 hours to write and create content that drives my business forward.

I’ve done my best to remove all of the energy suckers and crabs from my life or at the very least minimized time with them.

I’ve worked with other alternative health practitioners to help start their businesses that are now profitable.

I can speak my truth that I want to make loads and loads of money so my family and I can live completely free. I no longer have that nagging voice in my head saying, “your greedy bitch or that’s not even possible for you.”

I believe with every fiber of my being that I am very good at business development, I’m getting better at it everyday and possess the capabilities to help you reshape your mindset and your life.

I could go on but this isn’t about me or my accomplishments…

It’s about the dark side of business.

This is about you surrendering to the deep knowing inside that you have a massive purpose to serve in this world and for whatever reason (excuse) you aren’t playing full out.

This is about you accepting that in order to live life on your own terms you are going to have accept your terms… terms that other people may not like, support or understand.

This is about you accepting who you really are and FINALLY embracing it in whatever forms YOU take…

An ambitious and driven workaholic.

Having the desire to make loads of money.
Ignoring boring situations that don’t serve you.

Ignoring ignorant, scarcity and small-minded people who can’t see your vision.

To travel the world.

To accomplish your purpose of transforming thousands or millions of people’s lives.

To be on TV.

To write a New York Times best selling book.

To compete with Tony Robbins.

To be the next Oprah.

To work with focus, determination and ambition every day without feeling guilty for any of it.

So you can be incredibly selfish and live life on your own terms – for real.

So what’s the dark side?

You must work hard and fast every single day.

You must delete the world balance from your mind and shift your train of thought to one of your priorities.

The dark side is that you will want to work more than you will want to do anything else.

The dark side is that you will become obsessed with your business and will likely have a brain that doesn’t shut off (if you don’t already).

The dark side is that you will make more money then you ever have before and that will feel awkward and amazing.

The dark side is that you will realize you haven’t been dreaming big enough and that you can actually create anything you want in life.

The dark side is that you will start to embrace living life on your own terms and want more time, more money and more freedom to do what you want to.

I’ll repeat this again in another way… once you accept that you can and will live completely on your own terms the rules about your business and life are up to you to create.

That’s really scary.

And if you are thinking, Lori… these things aren’t the dark at all, they are amazing and this is exactly what I want.

Then know you aren’t alone.

However if this isn’t the kind of life you want or feel like I’m crazy and how dare I be proud to be a workaholic blah blah blah STOP READING RIGHT NOW. If you are ok with feeling comfortable, allowing your excuses to hold you back from never really achieving your dreams then hit delete and we part ways right now.

If you are all in then know you aren’t alone.

I’ve created a community of coaches; alternative health practitioners and change-makers inside The Wellness Business Academy who have embraced the “dark side” of being an entrepreneur and in doing so have stepped into their own personal power and now live life on their own terms.

We are selfish with our time.

We are workaholics.

We want to make loads of money.

We are ambitious in our dreams and desires.

We care deeply about transforming the health of our planet.

We have lots of ideas and take fast action to make them a reality.

We unconditionally support each other.

We embody a deep knowing that life is ours to create.

We spend quality time with the people in our lives that truly matter.

Not so dark anymore right?

I’m extending my hand with an invitation to join The Wellness Business Academy. The door is open for you to join us…

Living life on your own terms isn’t going to feel comfortable. Comfortable sucks. The time to make a choice about how you want to live your life and the impact you want to have on the world is right now.

Join the Academy, learn the business skills that will enable you to live free. You will feel at home with other ambitious and driven alternative health practitioners, coaches and change makers who are doing big things in the world and living life on their own terms right now.

You gotta start somewhere. Make today the day you start to transform your life.

Say yes to playing full out and living life on your own terms.

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