There are a few essential tools you will need when working with clients in the Health & Wellness space. Today, we’re going to talk about how to choose one of those essential tools — your form builder so that you can create effective and easy to use client forms for your health business.

With the right form builder, you’ll be able to simplify the collection of valuable information from your clients.

You’ll likely need a variety of questionnaires and consent forms when you first start working with a client as well as throughout their health and wellness journey with you. Doing your homework before settling on a form builder can save you the headache of having to switch down the road.

Let’s take a look at four criteria to look for when choosing the form builder for your client forms for your Health & Wellness Practice.

#1 Easy to Create

I recommend choosing a form builder that is easy to use but also flexible enough to support more complex formats. It’s really important that your form builder allows you to structure your forms according to your needs. The last thing you want is to feel limited by your form builder.

Some form builders have templates that you can use as-is or customize to fit your specific needs. Templates that are available in your form builder  will massively expedite your form-building process. I also recommend using a form builder that easily allows you to collect signatures for your waivers and consent forms without needing to pay for another service or require your clients to print and sign their forms.

Questions to consider: Are templates available to help you in building your form library? Can forms be signed by clients digitally? Can forms be signed by you? Is there a limit on how many forms you can create? Can you create conditions in your forms (i.e. if answer to question X is yes, hide questions Y and Z)?  

#2 Easy to Complete

Don’t overlook your client’s experience. Working through lifestyle and dietary changes can be scary and difficult enough. Don’t give them another excuse not to get started. Don’t lose a client before they start because your forms are too much work for them to complete. Say goodbye to forms that clients need to download, complete, scan and send back to you for good!

Make it as easy for your clients as possible, they’ll really appreciate it. Their willingness to complete your forms will help ensure that you always have access to their most up-to-date information. Look for a form builder that enhances the client experience.

Questions to consider: Can clients complete forms online? Can they leave the form and come back to it? Can clients sign their forms without using another application? Are multiple forms sent together or separately? Are forms both desktop and mobile friendly?

#3 Easy to Deliver

Now that we’ve assessed your needs in terms of structuring your forms and the client experience completing the forms,  let’s explore the ease of form delivery.

Why does form delivery even matter? It matters because you want to automate as much of your business as possible. You’ll want to choose a form builder that allows you to send multiple forms at one time with the least effort possible.

Let’s think about how many forms you may use in your Health & Wellness business.  

  • Discovery Call Questionnaire
  • Initial Intake Questionnaire
  • Consent Forms
  • HIPAA Privacy Practices
  • Food Journal Review
  • Check-in worksheet/Symptoms Review Form
  • Testimonial Request

It’s not uncommon to have different forms to send to clients for different services booked (i.e. discovery call, initial consultation, follow-up session, etc. ). Choosing a form builder that allows you to send forms with little to no energy will save you more time than you think. Believe it or not, these small tasks add up and take you away from spending more time with clients, building your business, furthering your knowledge or simply enjoying some free time.

Questions to consider: Can forms be sent quickly? Can multiple forms be sent at once? Can forms be sent to multiple clients at once? Can form delivery be automated altogether?

For more details on what you need to legally protect yourself in your business, check out this podcast episode.

#4 Easy to Review

The fourth piece to this puzzle is the ease of reviewing completed forms.

Now that you’ve taken the time to create your forms and they’ve been completed by a client, where will that information go? How will you access it? Can clients go back and review their responses? Simplifying and streamlining your workflow as much as possible is key to building a successful business.

Questions to consider: How easily can you transfer information to your client’s file? Do you need a separate login to access the responses to the forms? Can you add notes to the completed forms? Can you access the forms from your mobile device?

Try it out first

The best way to know for sure which form builder will work for you is to try it out. Most form builders have a free trial that you can use to ensure that it meets all four criteria above.

Form Builders to check out: JotForm, Woo Forms, Google Forms, Adobe

Automating your forms is just one step toward setting your administrative work on autopilot. Learn more about automating other essential business tasks such as booking, invoicing, program delivery and more here.


Nathalie Garcia is the Co-Founder of Practice Better, a Practice Management Platform that allows Health & Wellness Professionals to automate their workflow so they can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time helping clients reach their health goals.

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