It doesn’t matter what your professional designation is, where you live, or what your client experience is… The WBA gives you the ability to turn your personal experiences and professional education into a money-making signature program that sells.

Join our community of Leaders In Transformation. We have health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle professionals from X countries from all over the world make their NO PLAN B COMMITMENT. You can read their WINS and The WBA reviews below.

I had no clarity, no idea what I wanted out of my business, or how to move forward. When I enrolled, I was three months out of school and didn’t know what I was doing. My mindset was focused on scarcity and I was doing all the things I thought I had to do but I had no focus. Now, I believe success is possible. I focus much more on abundance than scarcity. I am proud of the fact that within 5 months of joining the WBA that I have launched my own program.
Elizabeth Raybould

Fuel Goodness

I love Lori’s concept of ‘imperfect action trumps perfect inaction’. When I launched the first time it was definitely imperfect – and I landed 2 enrollees at $1995CDN each. I’ve learned to just keep moving forward. I love the community support… the possibilities WBA has helped me see… and the support and encouragement the WBA gives to everyone. It’s nice to have a ‘home’.
Judith Cobb

The Confident Nutritionist

I struggled to get any traction in my business and felt like I was constantly spinning my wheels trying to find the next client. I actually find the WBA community to be one of the biggest helps – there are always peers ready to listen, help, give opinions & feedback and to journey alongside. The upcoming launch of my beta test group is a huge milestone moment for me… I’ve been talking about this for at least 2 years, and now I’m finally doing it!
Joanna Bowen

Joanna Bowen Wellness

I was sick of working 9-5 and working harder than my bosses and still earning below the poverty line. I knew I wanted to work for myself and have financial freedom and be able to work from anywhere. It is an amazing feeling doing all the work yourself to get clients and make money – not just showing up at a job and getting a paycheck. This year I will have made more money working for myself than I did last year working multiple jobs.
Melissa Boufounos

Mind and Body Nutrition with Melissa Boufounos, C.H.N.

I would say the community has been the biggest surprise. I love this community, we get each other and rally around to support our down days and celebrate our wins. I can’t say enough of the support from Lori checking in on Facebook live to getting feedback from others.
Justine MacDonald

Dandelion Holistic Healing

My entire mindset has shifted since joining the WBA. I believe in myself and have no doubt that I will be able to make a massive impact helping women to eat whole foods and regain a positive relationship with their food (and themselves).
Michelle Tirmandi

Michelle Nutrition

I played it safe, I was lost, was never sure about what steps to take to move my business forward, I felt alone and I didn’t feel understood by anybody! I feel super proud of my mindset shift. I am the CEO of my company and I have to consistently show up in order to move forward. Lori’s coaching has been invaluable to help get me there.

Natalie’s Nutrition

I was scattered. I was afraid of niching down and wanted to be everything to everyone. I didn’t know who my ideal client was and I was afraid of saying no to an opportunity. I was a nutritionist; not a business owner. My new focus allowed me to reframe my work and pull it all into a book that is being published this year.
Jess Sherman

Jess Sherman RHN

I wanted a mentor, someone to help me out and keep me going the right direction. And that’s exactly what I got! A step by step program pointing me which way to go, and someone to tell me honestly if I got myself off track. Honest feedback is so important to growth- feedback from family / friends will almost always be that they like it, or sounds like a good idea etc. Feedback from WBA community will help see the different angles and come to a real honest conversation.
Gaylene Gomez

Compass Rose Nutrition & Wellness

I was overwhelmed with the amount of business information available online that I had to catch up on because I did not get it from school. I was unsure if I could actually make it as a holistic nutritionist. The coaching calls have given me the personal support and clarity that has made all the difference in my success. Don’t give it a second thought if you want true progress. Well, give it a second thought because you are intelligent and logical but then tell the mindset monsters to take a backseat and sign up anyways.
Jessica Stopard

Jessica Stopard RHN

My business was going nowhere fast, and my mindset was one of scarcity. I was frustrated because I wasn’t making money regularly, and I thought I was doing what I needed to do to get clients and customers, but instead I got crickets. I got a private client using Lori’s scripts for bringing on new 1-1 clients. I also struggled with the “pitch” on free calls but now I’m confident and know it works! I don’t feel ‘salesy’ anymore.
Robyn Srigley

The Hormone Diva

Before joining the WBA I was doing one on one consultations with no real focus, direction or plan. I didn’t have a niche and I was just trying to help everybody and anybody. I became burned out and stressed. I thought I made a big mistake becoming a nutritionist and entrepreneur. That is when I starting searching for a new way to help people get healthy. Thank God I found the WBA. Through all my ups and downs, self doubt and revelations, distractions and wins, I know that I am in the right place at the right time to achieve the life of my dreams.
Sonya Schirmacher

Sonya Nutrition

I was NERVOUS and TERRIFIED! I did not want to join a program and be led down a stray path that ended up not giving me the content I needed or that led to a get rich quick scheme. Neither of these were the case with the WBA. The info was exactly what I needed as I started this online business journey…It was all the education, inspired hustle and a quick realization that she was giving me the exact tools I needed… I am making money online, from home, doing the work I Iove and helping connect women with running and with each other. I am super proud of the community I am creating!
Carey Adam

Running Moms

I actually created and ran my own program that I totally 100% made up and I NEVER would have done that without the WBA. The WBA community is AMAZING I don’t know if I could have done this without the community. I ran my first program, made money and am in the process of getting my second round of my program together.
Melissa Singh

Melissa Singh

I didn’t enroll the first time around, and the second time I decided to try it, because I needed help with my business or I would go back to work. I do love videos and they are not perfect – before I would never do that. I talk with more confidence even in my in-person consultations – I feel like yes, I have things to say and I know my stuff! I believe I can make this business a full-time income for me and before I was not so sure.
Dina Tarasevich

DT Nutrition

Before the WBA I had a small online fitness business that I could not seem to get traction with and I quit. Now I know it takes time and quitting isn’t an option. I honestly do believe I can make Huntress Health a widespread brand/program/lifestyle within my niche, and make a lot of money doing something I love for people I enjoy being with and talking to! I also believe it takes a lot of work but that it’s possible for me do it!
April Willis

Huntress Health

I used to think that I didn’t have the skills to create a signature program, but it’s amazing to watch so many others do what I’m currently working on and know it’s 100% possible.
Melanie Connolly

Melanie Connolly

I was overwhelmed, frazzled and trying to do “all the things” and create new products all the time. I was exhausted and I wasn’t making much money. I know that I can make money, consistently, by helping women lose weight with a high fat/low carb program. Before I didn’t know if it would fly. But it can, I just have to stay consistent, and focused.
Tanya Plummer

Tanya Plummer Fit

I was overwhelmed, hopeful but lost, knew I needed to do things but didn’t know what! I’ve been investing in so many things lately that I feel like I have been scared to do the actual “doing”… I just keep learning. But the WBA gave me the actual action steps to take to get me doing!
Dr. Abbi

Evolve Wellness with Dr. Abbi

I feel really supported and encouraged. It’s tough working in a bubble and being surrounded by people who have no idea what you are trying to do, or even why. Having a community and virtual colleagues keeps me going. I would have probably given up a long time ago without the WBA. I was totally new to this line of work and to business, as well as stuck technologically in 1994.
Tracy Seider

Tracy Seider Movement

I was sold on the no plan B option from Lori. I wanted to create a successful online business on my terms and I needed help to figure out how to do that in a structured way rather than following people online and trying to create a business based on their free content.
Blaithin Dooley

Blaithin Dooley

I see possibility now. When my husband started to see sales coming in, that definitely helped him gain confidence that this could be a full time business. It did the same for me.
Julie Pecarski

Julie Pecarski Nutrition

I am learning to embrace technology and social media. I have started my program creation and as I go through the WBA I am gaining more confidence that I can do this… I can build a nutrition program and business online. There are always people willing to jump in and help out with whatever I am struggling with at the time. There is always someone else who is struggling with the same thing or has just overcome it and can offer great advice.
Marnie McCormick

Plain and Simple Wellness

My business was strictly in person 1:1 coaching and focused on all different types of clients. I didn’t have a specific niche and thought that working with everyone would be the best way to grow my business. Looking back, I realize I was playing small and was afraid to jump into the online world. I was VERY hesitant to put myself out there, but after doing the work and getting support from the WBA community, I’ve grown more confident and excited.

The Gluten Free Coach

The structure has been super helpful. I have a tendency to be doing too much and spin my wheels. Knowing the order is great even though at times I get frustrated knowing I want to do more. The knowledge that is shared is amazing. Things I’ve never even heard of just wow! Plus knowing there are others like me that want to help others but are lost at how to get it all together.
Heidi Hansen

Heidi Ann Hansen Coaching

I went into the webinar telling myself I couldn’t afford to buy whatever was offered at the end, but I pulled out my credit card anyway! I couldn’t have done it without the payment plan, honestly. EVERYTHING I want is on the other side of fear, and the WBA has helped me break down those fears. Before the WBA I felt very alone.
Beth Wyatt

Beth Wyatt

My mindset shifted to really taking this to the next level and not feeling so stuck. I am moving forward with imperfect action!
Jen Subbotin

Fuel Your Transformation

I really like the live coaching calls. I always take something away that is super valuable that I didn’t even know I didn’t know.
Claire Ketchum

Claire Ketchum

The Community is THE BOMB! I am so surprised with the amount of support! I’ve also realized I don’t have to do “all the things” and am really starting to focus more and get my ducks in a row. I love the step by steps. When I was tempted to move forward in the modules, Lori said “if you haven’t completed______, don’t move forward yet.” Again, I can’t brag on the community support enough!
Beth Crace

Nourish to Flourish

I can say “My name is Cathy Bridges, CEO and Founder of Undo Type 2 Diabetes. I support people to undo type 2 diabetes without taking drugs,” without stuttering, fumbling, hyperventilating or dying of the embarrassment that other people would know that I had let myself develop type 2 diabetes too.
Cathy Bridges

Undo Type 2 Diabetes

I love having the ability to drop questions in the group and getting helpful responses from a group of people who “get it”. I now see it’s possible to make money without having everything “figured out”!

Megan Horsley Nutrition

I felt like I would be taking from my nest egg to be able to afford the WBA but in reality I found that the structured payments that Lori has created makes it effortless. I don’t even notice it and I have access to a wonderful community who can support me every step of the way. I’m currently half way done creating my signature program and set to launch in the next few weeks!

Path to Wellness with Meshi

My business was non-existent. It was a business-like hobby. I thought that the people would just arrive because I had a website and some business cards. When they didn’t (cause how would they if I didn’t tell them?), I questioned my ability to run and grow a profitable business. My confidence was super low and I thought about quitting a lot. Now, I deeply believe I can do it. My timelines are going to be different than everyone else but I have a profitable and successful business in place with the opportunity to grow to whatever levels I want.
Melanie Reid

Balanced Plate Nutrition

I was working a 9-5 day job while seeing clients 1:1 part-time on nights and weekends. I always wanted to leave my day job and work privately but was worried about making enough money. I had no idea how to scale my business so I could work with more people at one time. This is especially true of my profession as a psychotherapist where online work is not the norm. Now I know, it is definitely possible for me to have a thriving online business as a psychotherapist; To do what I love while being able to work from different places at different times. And be home with my daughter when she needs me. This is the greatest gift.
Gillian Reid

Gillian Reid Optimal Wellness (G.R.O.W.)

The program is so comprehensive – you have everything you need to gain clarity on who you are helping and how to create your program AND get sales. It’s more than 3 programs in one. The MOST helpful for me is the coaching that we receive from the team. The Mastermind was amazing. Getting in the hot seat with Lori is fantastic. Even listening to her coach other entrepreneurs offers so much insight… the coaching that Lori gives us in the group is worth 10x the cost of this course. I have taken many courses before and am familiar with what most provide. Lori and her team really go above and beyond to give us value. They are sincere about really and truly wanting us all to succeed.
Rosanna Gentile

Able Consulting - Happiness Educator and Small Business Accountability Coaching

I will be 50 this December and I am rewriting the script of my life thanks to the WBA. It is so much more than just a business venture. It’s an exploration of self. I can feel myself growing more into the person I’m meant to be. The process affirms my desires to thrive every step of the way. I feel open and blessed. I don’t know where I’ll end up and I know it’s cliche but I truly believe that the sky’s the limit. Thank you Lori! You have no idea the impact you have had on my life. You gave me back myself and now I can take me out there and help so many others to do the same.
Anissa Amason

Volution Wellness

I was already in a lot of debt and was hesitant about buying just one more thing to turn things around for me. Was this going to be thing that actually worked? I decided to enroll after Lori’s 5 Day Challenge because it was able to reignite my passion for what I do. I thought if this challenge is any indication as to what the WBA would be like, I’m in. The WBA has brought me clarity on who my client is and how to design a signature program that speaks to them. I am proud that I have actually followed through with the modules in the WBA. I suffer from shiny squirrel syndrome so for me to stick with something is a win… at the end of this year, I won’t be closing my business down. It will be thriving instead.
Michelle R

Ripped by Rycroft

I love knowing that there is a structure for me to learn, and knowing that there is a community that has my back, and that no newbie question is a stupid question. I’ve met accountability partners in the WBA that have changed my outlook for the better about what operating an online wellness business can be like. I now feel more connected than ever.
Karen O'Hearn

Karen O'Hearn Nutrition

I’ve been very focused on working my health coach business for almost a year, but didn’t make a cent. After being in the WBA for a short time, I made my first sale and all the frustration and discouragement I’ve been feeling was wiped away with that one transaction. I love the coaching feedback. Getting a response to my specific question with answers that I can actually implement, instead of getting vague generalities, has meant that I’m moving forward instead of staying static or taking steps backward.
Yvette Brisco

Alejia's Coaching & Consulting

This course has significantly heightened my confidence level, I am not as afraid to fail, I’m much less of a perfectionist and more willing to take imperfect action. Because of this, I don’t feel bad for raising my prices that more reflected what I’m worth and it turns out, I’ve actually had the most ‘financially pleasing’ year to date in this field. I now believe it’s possible to make a really good living doing what I love. I’m not confined to the 1:1 consultation business model that isn’t making me the kind of money I want to earn. I can expand my business online, work from home while raising my kids, and help transform so many more lives. And I can do Zoom meetings in fuzzy slippers.
Diane Murphy

Diane Murphy

I reached my goal of earning enough income in a month to replace my day job!
Kate O'Riordan

Kate O'Riordan Nutrition

Because of the WBA, I’ve started telling people what I do as a health coach. I’m proud of it.
Sherry Smilar

Sherry Smilar Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

I joined the WBA because my gut told me to do it. From the first day I watched Lori speak I felt a connection. I just want the guidance to do things correctly so that as I grow, it won’t be as messy as it otherwise would have been. I believe I can make a lifelong sustainable business, AND save for retirement (something that 20+ years in corporate life didn’t allow me to do), AND maybe take a real vacation!
Kelly Wilson


Thanks to the WBA, I have figured out how to communicate with my people in a way that makes them feel like I am speaking to just them even when I am speaking to all of them all at once. I am working on the second launch of my FUEL program and I have VASTLY improved the program.
Rebecca Kay Thompson

I attended the Wellness Business Summit (WBS) in 2014 and didn’t enroll and regretted it for 2 years until I went back to the WBS in 2016 and enrolled. After we did the exercise where we determine our WHY I knew I couldn’t leave there with regret again. I was done with not believing in myself. One of my biggest WINS since joining the WBA is making the shift from nutritionist to anxiety/mindset coach, and letting go of the guilt and shame I had over not being the nutritionist that made her own almond milk and that I didn’t want to coach people on weight loss.
Heidi Paul

Heidi Paul

I really liked the step-by-step approach to developing the signature program. It made it seem very manageable to develop my program. I also appreciated the guidance for the tech piece which is very challenging for me. My signature course is done and beta tested! I have several testimonials and one “raving fan”. She plans to promote and influence others in my Facebook group to sign up.
Linda Gilmour Kessler

Live the Diabetes Sweet Life

I have had a definitive mindset shift from scarcity to abundance. I am no longer afraid to invest in myself and my business. This was the first investment into my business that I had done in years. And so happy I did it. It has been very helpful to be a part of a community where I can post a question at night that is stressing me out and check in the morning and my question has been answered and solution found and no more stress.
Dr. Stephen de Wit

Dr. Stephen de Wit

I value Lori’s honesty. If any of us are off track she is not afraid to tell us what we need to do to get back on track and why. I’ve had coaches in the past that won’t tell someone when they are making huge mistakes. And I love how the program is laid out. If you follow the steps in order (I have tried to stray and Lori pulled me back) then it makes sense and flows and all comes together… I finally for the first time in my life feel like I am a businesswoman… I’m proud of the person I have become. I know what direction I want to go and am confident that I am going to get there.
Andi Clark

911 Lifestyle Coaching by Andi Clark

Because of the WBA, I know the problem I am solving and finished my signature program for it! Coaching calls are so helpful because I get personal direction. The community helps me feel connected. The systematic way Lori created the modules has been very effective in keeping me on track.
Luana Flacco, R.H.N.

Luana Flacco, Nutritional Wellness

I’ve been following Lori for over a year and wanted to enroll in the WBA and was holding back due to a “lack of time” mindset. I realized there is no time like the present and that I can go at my own pace and that is perfect (which I got from Lori’s role modeling). The WBA has a lifetime membership so I signed up the next time enrollment opened and haven’t regretted for a moment.

Having a concrete step-by-step path to make my dream of coaching into an online course is invaluable. I’ve been learning and studying the business end of coaching for a few years and Lori’s direct no nonsense get-stuff-done loving coaching is invaluable to keep me moving forward. Since joining the WBA I’ve enrolled two long term clients- one in a 12 month program and the other in a 6 month program.

Paula Yolles

FoodTastic Health

I was in a constant state of overwhelm. I had a vision of what I wanted to be, I knew wanted to changes lives, but I didn’t have a solid plan. I followed every “expert” and their advice which got me even more overwhelmed. I was ready to throw in the towel because I had a crap ton of DFY programs but not strategy to implement. Now thanks to the WBA, I GSD every day! I have a clear roadmap to creating my successful practice and changing lives like I had dreamed of. I have the confidence to get it done because of the way the WBA is setup. I’m no longer drowning. I’m kicking ass and making it happen!
Jenni Samano

The Happy Humble Health Coach

Integrity is extremely important to us. The wins and reviews featured here are from real professionals and clients inside The WBA. No one was paid to endorse The WBA. We’ve included full names and you are welcome to reach out to anyone featured on this page or ask about The WBA inside of the Take Your Health Practice Online Facebook Group.

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