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Take a minute to review The Wellness Business Hub Facebook community policies:

The WHB FB Community is a group filled with like-minded and like-hearted health & wellness entrepreneurs who want to build a dream business and life all on their own terms.

It’s a place to share your high’s and low’s and be met with love.
It’s a group where you can ask questions (no Q is a stupid Q) and get an honest answer.
It’s a group to get feedback on your work.

This is a non-competitive group where we share what’s working for us in our businesses because we believe that in order to change the world we need to unite as a team.

This is a place where you can come on a Saturday night when you are feeling like a bit of a loser because you’d rather work on your business than socialize. Although watching Netflix is always ok.

And finally… this is a group filled with unapologetic entrepreneurs who want to live financially abundant lives.

Again, we are welcoming you with open arms.

And of course we have some guidelines for behavior in this awesome community:

1. Self promotion will happen on Friday’s in the Mix & Mingle Thread. Any self-promotion (links to webinars, offers, lead magnets etc.) will be deleted.
2. Affiliate links of any kind even in self-promotion will not be allowed.
3. Be kind. Treat others as you want to be treated. Anything that I find to be off putting will be deleted.
4. Be a go-giver. Offer honest and constructive feedback.
5. Swearing is allowed. I have a potty mouth. If that bothers you then either ignore the words that offend or remove yourself.
6. If there is a post that breaches the rules report it. If there is a post that offends you report it.

Alright… if you treat this group as you would treat your best-friend and your own home then we’ll be all good.

Now please introduce yourself – – say hi in the comments, share who you are, what you believe and where you are from.

Now it’s time to GSD!

With love & inspired hustle,
Lori & Team LK


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