If you don’t already know I am a HUGE fan and promoter of email marketing. One of the areas you must prioritize in your business is email list building and communicating with your list on a very regular and consistent basis.I am subscribed to a lot of email lists. I like to see what other people are putting out into the world.

There are very few emails that I actually read on a regular basis.There is a misconception that email marketing and publishing an email newsletter are the same thing. They are not. What do you promote from your website? “Subscribe to my email newsletter?” or is there an offer for a specific lead magnet?If you offer, “subscribe to my newsletter” then your subscribers expect a newsletter – not promotional emails.

Think of email newsletters like a traditional newspaper published on a regular schedule and offers loads of free content with very little sales promotions. Sure there are ads placed within the newspaper but the primary intention of the newspaper is to deliver the news, not to sell you something.Your email newsletter should function the same way. It should be published on a consistent schedule and include high-value, free content that the subscriber actually wants to read and can benefit from with very little sales promotions.

To differentiate an email newsletter from regular email marketing (promotional emails) you could create a branded email newsletter template that organizes your content into sections.

For example, your newsletter could be organized like this:

  • Welcome Note
  • Just Published: Intro to new blog with link to read blog on website
  • Recipe of the Week: Intro to recipe with link to read recipe on website
  • Tip of the Week: Full tip is included in the newsletter
  • Social Media Links: Add all relevant social links to the footer of the newsletter

I’m not saying you have to include this much content in your email newsletters. However, you can see how an email newsletter functions more like a newspaper by organizing the content into different sections.

Also, by organizing your content this way, you can create a newsletter editorial calendar that supports your sales promotions. The calendar would detail sales promotional periods first so it’s easier for you to include newsletter content that supports the invitation into transformation (the sales offer) during those dedicated promotional periods.

Once you’ve created this editorial calendar it’s much easier to hire a freelance writer to create and curate content for your newsletter.

Email newsletters function like traditional newspapers and are meant to engage your subscribers by publishing good, more generalized content.

Email marketing, on the other hand, is meant to be transactional.

Yes, it’s still very important to provide high-value and actionable content, but the intention behind email marketing is to drive sales.

The difference is in the name: email MARKETING.

When a lead subscribes to your lead magnet they should be put through an automated email marketing sequence that educates them on who you are and the specific solution you have to their problem, which is your program, product or service.

The email content is created specifically to convert that lead into a new client or customer.

Email marketing emails are usually plain text or plain text with a simple graphic header at the top.

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

For example, an email-marketing sequence might be organized like this:

(The intention is to motivate subscribers to either book a discovery call with you or go right to your sales page to invest in the program.)

Email #1: Welcome note and link to lead magnet
Email #2: Who am I and why you should care
Email #3: The fastest way to get rid of hot flashes
Email #4: Is Hot Flash Freedom right for you?
Email #5: What we’ll talk about in your discovery call
Email #6: FAQs about Hot Flash Freedom
Email #7: Bonus or price saving deadline
Email #8: Last chance

This might look like a launch sequence to you and it kind of is but it’s also an email marketing sequence. You can run email marketing sequences in addition to publishing your weekly email newsletter.

In fact, that’s exactly what you should be doing. Providing high-value content alongside regular sales promotions: just like a real business does!

Here’s an example of what that would look like:

Tuesday: Email newsletter gets published
Thursday or Friday: Plain text email promotion for your discovery call
Sunday: Plain text email promotion for your discovery call
Tuesday: Email newsletter gets published

If writing that much content is giving you an anxiety attack, then make sure to add a promotional section into your weekly email newsletter. Do what feels right to you.

The bottom line is this: If you want to be of service, transform lives and make consistent money in your business you must consistently provide value AND promote your services.


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