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In this video I’m going to get a bit personal and vulnerable with you because we are talking about something that can feel both like a blessing and a curse.

You are not crazy for wanting your time on this earth to mean something. You are not crazy for wanting to have an impact and leave a legacy. You are also not crazy for being obsessed with building your career and wanting to make a shit ton of money and to transform your life.

You are not crazy. Nor are you selfish.

And I get it. Those mindset monsters creep in with thoughts like… who me? Me? Not me. I can’t possibly do that. Or maybe you think, I can’t help anyone because I don’t know enough. Or feelings of not deserving abundance which circles back to “who me?” I can’t possibly make that much money. There’s no way. What will my husband think if i make more than him or my friends and family. Maybe you are overcome by fear… fear of failure or fear of success.

And the one that I personally struggle with is guilt, guilt and shame that I’d rather stay home and work on my business then socialize or sometimes even play with my kids. There are days where I would love nothing more than to hole myself up in a room and just grind without anyone bothering me.

Here’s the truth. We are not the crazy ones… we are not the abnormal ones for wanting to consciously design a life and business that we love and that feels fulfilling on every level. We are just a tiny minority in a world where the majority of people clock in and out of life. Where almost everyone else settles and creates excuses for why they can’t possibly change their circumstances.

We are cut from a different cloth and that feels lonely and isolating. So what are you to do when no one around you gets it… gets the ambition, the passion and the desire to create and be of service.

Jim Rohn says, “success is the sum average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

When I heard that quote I thought oh shit. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my friends but at that point none of my friends were entrepreneurs.

So if you are feeling alone and isolated then it’s time to invest in a mastermind or a community of like minded and like hearted people who get it. That’s what I did. I spent $20,000 I didn’t have to hang around people who would help to raise me up.

With Facebook you can easily find communities where you are no longer a minority. You can come and join me in the WOW! Wellness Community. We’ve got thousands of ambitious and passionate practitioners hanging out. And when you find your tribe make sure to share how you feel. Hold the space because I’m positive there are other people feeling the exact same way.

If there is one thing I know for sure about building a business is that it does get lonely and therefore you need to have friends who get it and who lift you up. Just do me a favor and remember this… you are not crazy for wanting to create a better life for yourself. You are freaking amazing.

Now I’d love to hear from you. Do you want more out of life? I’d love to read about your dream business and life. Please share in the comments below this video…

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