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by | Mar 7, 2017 | Clients, Mindset, Top Trending

When I first met Melissa she had one foot in weight loss and one foot in the obstacle course / tough mudder niche. At the time she was running a group weight loss program and posted a bit of a rant inside The Wellness Business Academy Facebook group.

I could tell by her annoyance that working with weight loss clients, even those who were training for tough mudder races wasn’t her thing and didn’t light her up inside. So on one of the group coaching calls I helped her narrow down who she did want to work with — elite obstacle course athletes.

Then the self-doubt set in and the objections as to why those kinds of athletes wouldn’t want to work with her took over. I reminded her that it’s always easier to place it safe… to take the easy way out. In this case, the easy way for her would be to continue to run those weight loss groups that she hated.

Once she made the decision to stop with the weight loss programs, narrow her niche and claim the title of “Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach For Obstacle Course Race Athletes” everything changed for her.

As soon as she started creating content only for the kind of clients she wanted to work with sponsors and brand ambassador offers started coming out of nowhere. And those elite athletes that she wanted to work with started to reach out to her.

If you ever thought that niching down would harm your ability to grow your practice and make money I hope this interview changes your mind. You aren’t supposed to be an expert for everyone, only the people who you truly want to work with and help.


In this video Melissa openly shares:

  • How and why she did some things backwards
  • How posting about her daily life and routine helped her land sponsors
  • Why she narrowed her niche and how it made her more money
  • The one mindset shift she had that has not only helped her in business but has also transformed her life

Click the play button to watch our video interview. I’d love to hear from you… what is your niche market and could you narrow it down even more to attract the exact type of clients you want to work with?

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