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I’m ready to build and grow my email list

Health Expert Newsletter

Weekly done-for-you, professionally written, copyright free and fully customizable blogs, email newsletters and social media content so you can consistently publish your weekly blog, promote it on social media and use your weekly email newsletter to convert more email subscribers into clients without having to ever write another word again. The Health Expert Newsletter gives you the ability to consistently publish weekly content in under 10 hours a month.

I just wanted to say thank you Lori! I recently purchased your done-for-you newsletters – absolutely AMAZING! These are awesome, I am finally getting consistent with my newsletters, my clients love the information I share and I am no longer stressing out about what to write. You are such an inspiration and I get so much value out of your training’s and done-for-you programs. The training in HEN on Facebook live this month was excellent! I hope you have a great weekend!

You know, one of the biggest hurdles I’m dealing with now is overwhelm…
-what to blog about (I wanna talk about EVERYTHING)
-how to come up with subject lines that get my email list open
-what social media teaser will work when posting about said content

Just opened up Volume 1 of the Health Expert Newsletter… and all of the above is taken care of. I can finally focus on providing valuable content while getting my biz off the ground. I still have a long way to go and lots to learn… but this is exactly what I needed!



This has been a great gift! I have been struggling to get things written. It’s such amazing content and love the info on how to use the content in different ways. Thanks!

I’m ready to create a signature program that sells

The Wellness Business Academy

Discover how to create your automated signature program, whether you’re just starting out or an experienced coach or practitioner, so you can have a profitable and fulfilling health business.

I signed up with the WBA two years ago and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It’s that same online strategy applied to our industry which is mad helpful. Plus the Facebook group is the most amazing group I’m in (and I’m in probably over 200 of them). We are an awesome bunch in there and we all support each other and get each other through the good, the bad, and the ugly. And Team LK is in there too, watching over us. It’s unreal. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I have to say, joining the WBA has been one of the best investments I’ve done in my life and career. So happy and grateful I made that decision.


I just got the chance to log into the portal and I read the 90 day intensive PDF, student handbook, and explored the bonuses. This is beyond my expectations. I am extremely avid to learn but I know one step at a time before I drive myself nuts. I am so glad I invested!

To give you an example, I grew my list from 100 people to 700 in one month… With my lead magnet that is converting at 50%. And I had never heard or knew what the heck a lead magnet was before the WBA!

I’m ready to launch my online program
and scale my business

Free 10K Success Call

Growing a predictably profitable business doesn’t happen by accident, nor does it happen overnight. As a health practitioner, health coach, fit pro or licensed medical professional you have the education, skill set and passion to transform lives.

What you’re lacking is a proven, predictable way to attract qualified leads, nurture them, prime them and then invitation into transformation — daily so that you can hit 10K a month in revenue, every month.

If you have a signature program and are committed to building the business and life of your dreams, on your own terms, then schedule a free 10K Success Call so we can chat about how to do that and to determine if your business is a good fit for the 10K Success System Program.

Click here to schedule now!

The 10K Success System is freakin AWESOME! Totally recommend it if you’re looking to kick ass in your business!

This sessions alone was worth the cost of joining the 10K Success System – making money will be just a bonus now. I’m laughing but I’m also in AWE!

I need help with technology

ZigiMedia Tech Mentorship

Join the Tech Mentorship so you can learn and execute the tech for the most essential parts of your online business in a supportive, collaborative group setting. You know that in order for you to succeed you need to be able to promote and market your programs and services through Facebook ads, Email and online Sales Funnels and that’s exactly what they teach.

Joining TechMentorship was one of the best decisions I made when starting my business. The tech recipes and tutorials are so helpful!

You can be a fantastic coach and have really valuable material for your potential clients, but if you can’t get it out there for them to see it, you don’t have a business.

The Tech Mentorship program has helped me to troubelshoot so many different tech issues fast! They break things down so easy that even a total newbie can do it and the value they give in their Facebook group is priceless!

The Tech Mentorship program is the BEST money I’ve spent this year!


I almost didn’t join the Tech Mentorship but I’m so glad I did. The tech tutorials, recipes, guides and live training have been a game changer for me as watching someone go through the process and explain what each part does makes it easy to understand and visualize. Knowing which programs work and which ones they use and recommend has saved so much time!


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