As you know, I’m your biggest cheerleader (aka, comfort-zone-pusher) when it comes to telling you that you’ve gotta build an email list AND have a solid vehicle in place to grease the wheels.

*cough, cough* your lead magnet!

So, the gears are moving, and there you are marveling at your growing list of subscribers. But, now you’re suddenly struck with a new terrifying thought…


I’ve got all these people on my list, who are potentially my ideal clients, waiting to hear from me, but what the heck am I going to send them?!?!

Are they going to unsubscribe as soon as I write something because they’ll be turned off or disinterested in what I have to share? Are they going to wonder why they even subscribed in the first place, except to download my freebie?

First, don’t look at ‘Unsubscribes’ as a bad thing. If people just signed up to get your freebie (which some will), then no problem, that’s life with an online business.

If people don’t resonate with everything you have to say or what you’re putting out there (which not everyone will), then that’s ok too. They were never going to buy your programs or use your services anyway – they’re just not your people.

Second, the only way to get over the fear of putting yourself out there, even in writing, is to just do it. Just get started, and do it regularly and consistently. Over time you’ll refine your process and your messaging, and you’ll learn how to “speak” your target audience’s language more fluidly and with proficiency.

Ok, let’s get right into this!

The 3 key elements you have to focus on when you send emails out to your list are:


Be mindful that there has to be some differentiation and additional incentive for someone joining your list. Otherwise, they could enjoy just dropping in on your website from time to time to get the value that they’re seeking without engaging in the “transaction” of handing over their preciously guarded email.


Perhaps you’re thinking that your list is so small, so why bother?

Even if you only have 25 people on your list (hey, everyone needs to start somewhere!), just get in the habit of sending out content, regularly and consistently.

Besides, those 25 people signed up for your list because you made a promise and now they have an expectation from you. So you need to honour that promise, as well as nurture each and every one of them from here on out.

The truth is, your subscribers don’t know (and don’t care) if they’re part of a 25-person list or a 2,500-person list. They only care about the value you are providing them, on a regular basis.

These people have already raised their hands and said YES to you, it’s time you start treating them like the VIPs that they are.

Here are some ideas to continuing adding value, points of connection, and to nurture the budding relationship that you’re building with your people.

Think of the following as types of email templates.

  • The “I’ve got a favour to ask” or “how can I help you?” email
  • The “archived content OR updated/rejigged blog post OR most popular blog posts” email
  • The “let me tell you a little story” email (these are often my most engaged with emails)
  • The “buzz building” email
  • The “what’s trending” email
  • The “these are a few of my favourite things” email
  • The “testimonial and client love” email
  • The “exclusive content OR surprise freebie” email
  • The “behind-the-scenes” email – a day in the life?
  • The “upcoming events” email
  • The “I’ve got big news” email
  • The “how I messed up” email
  • The “curated content/other people’s stuff” email
  • The “affiliate promotion” email – I would only recommend this one once you’ve got a foothold on your other content and offerings as doing affiliate promotions can be a bit tricky. Another post perhaps?
  • The “tools & resources I love” email
  • The “this is something I’ve only ever told my mother” email – get personal and vulnerable with your people


But, what do I write about specifically – and how do I write something different each week?

Here’s my suggestion for just getting it done — BATCH CREATION.

Make a list of 12 singular topics you could easily write 250-500 words about without having to do any research.

The topics could be related to a holiday, your family, the time of year/seasonal, a personal experience, a trending topic in the media, a supplement, food tips, grocery shopping tips, health washing (this is a fave of mine!), a health conversation you had, how to prepare meals ahead of time, or a great 10 minute workout you can do at your desk. Obviously switch up the topics based on your scope of practice and ICA.

HINT: I just gave you 12 topics, no excuse now!

The easiest way to consistently send out emails is to schedule one 8-hour day and write two months’ (8) emails all in one shot. This will help you to see how one week cohesively flows into the next and keep you from scrambling each week to decide what to write – or realizing it’s all of a sudden been 3 weeks since you connected with your list at all!

Then, tactfully insert an offer into each email (via a CTA – call to action) tying it to the content you’ve just written about. It has to be relevant, not randomly forced and out of context with the email though. And remember that a CTA isn’t always about you selling something (although you should do that sometimes too). A CTA can be asking them to hit reply and answer a question you ask, or inviting them to join your Facebook group or clicking through to read your latest Instagram post. Encouraging them to take action in your emails and click links will set them up to be more likely to take action when you do pitch them something.

By the way, if you’re curious as to what the difference is between a ‘newsletter’ and ‘email marketing’ as I tend to talk about quite a bit – this article will walk you through it.


Here are a few closing thoughts on what to send to your email list:

The email addresses on your list are attached to real live people who’ve already raised their hand and said “yes, I want more information from you, please send it my way.”

Our job as the health & wellness professionals is to educate and offer our expertise to help transform lives. When the prospect is ready, they will take you up on the offer. However, they can’t take you up on the offer if one is never or hardly ever made.

REMEMBER: high-value content, nurturing your people, and a good dose of exclusivity thrown in – done regularly, and with consistency.

If you still aren’t sure what to write about, check out the great tips offered in last week’s post: “How to find inspiration when you don’t know what to write”

I totally understand that creating and sending out regular content takes a good chunk of time, energy and resources AND this is on top of all your other content: blog posts, social media posts, free offers…all of it!

Plus, you’ve realized by now that you have to split your efforts between trying to generate new subscribers with nurturing and converting existing subscribers into paying customers and clients.

That’s why we’ve lovingly crafted the Health Expert Newsletter to help with all that “what to write?” part!

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